Which SIM card should I use in a GPS tracker?

Select SIM card for GPS tracker: If you buy a GPS tracker, you need a SIM card to put it into operation. There are a few things to bear in mind. Nowadays, most cell phones use micro or nano SIM cards. Unfortunately, these cannot be used for GPS trackers. Almost all the models I know either already have an integrated card or require a standard SIM card

Whether it is a German or foreign SIM card is irrelevant. The only difference is the cost. In any case, a SIM card is required. It enables communication between the GPS tracker and the caller.

What do you need to look out for?

Below I have put together a list of questions that I asked myself before buying a SIM card and the answers I found:

  • Prepaid card instead of a contract: I recommend a prepaid card to avoid additional costs. Costs are thus only incurred for actual use. The only disadvantage is that the GPS tracker only works when credit has been topped up.
  • Data volume instead of time tariff: This question of whether to choose a data volume depends on whether you want to use other options such as an online tracking portal. If so, this is mandatory. GPS trackers are then constantly connected to the server via the Internet, but hardly download any data. The data volume is therefore very small. A price comparison is worthwhile in any case. Some providers include free data volumes here.
  • How is credit topped up on a prepaid card? The SIM card provider will provide you with all the necessary information. As a rule, credit can be topped up via the Internet or at filling stations.
  • Where can I buy suitable SIM cards? Petrol stations, supermarkets and drugstores sell suitable SIM cards. Possible providers are Aldi-Talk, Blau, Congstar, E-Plus, Fonic and many more. The range is really large.
  • SIM card and GPS tracker abroad – what needs to be considered? Higher costs can quickly arise abroad. This is because the SIM card automatically dials into the network with the strongest signal. If you are abroad for longer periods or frequently, it is advisable to buy a prepaid card from the country in question.
  • How to activate your SIM card: Your SIM card usually comes with a description of how to activate it. It usually has to be activated on the Internet by entering your contact details. Activation may take some time. Sometimes you have to wait up to 48 hours.
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