What you should look out for when buying a GPS tracker – 2017

There is no shortage of application areas for a GPS tracker. Whether you want to protect your car or motorcycle from thieves or quickly send a call for help with your location in an emergency, the devices have long since become a useful gadget for solving such problems for private individuals too.

But which attributes are particularly important when making a purchase decision?

The battery of a tracker should be a particular focus. A long battery life comes at a price, but it’s worth it. Because constantly having to recharge is not only annoying and time-consuming, but also dangerous. Charging is simply not possible, especially in the event of theft or an emergency. The battery must therefore last until the police, for example, can take the first steps. GPS trackers that warn you by text message when the battery is low are also very useful. This is an easy way to deal with this problem.

The quality of hardware and programming should also not be underestimated. In fact, the GPS devices in the various price categories look very similar and there are hardly any significant differences in the quality of the housings. Obviously, savings are being made in the technical implementation. In addition to a shorter service life, false alarms are often criticized, all of which cost money, time and nerves.

How much do you have to spend to really be able to rely on the GPS tracker?

If the device does not provide the desired benefit in the event of an emergency, even the cheapest GPS tracker is too expensive. There are numerous such offers. Amazon in particular is full of offers that are sold directly from China. Sometimes you only notice at second glance that a product is being sold directly by a Chinese retailer via Amazon. We have already written about the OVO-103b from Afterparts in our test .

You should always exercise caution with all GPS trackers under €70. Even if the devices in the very low price range work at first, this does not guarantee that they will work in an emergency. You should always keep this in mind if you are inclined to go for one of the cheap ones. However, entry-level models that are really good can also be found on Amazon. Amazon itself offers the PAJ Allround Finder alongside many other GPS transmitters.

Who can help me with questions and problems?

If you have any questions or problems, the provider will ideally help you. Unfortunately, especially with Asian distributors, it is often impossible to get someone on the line or at least receive a written reply. Manufacturers such as PAJ or Incutex are better off here. However, there are also considerable differences here. Although both offer telephone support, Incutex charges 49 cents per minute for a call. Both also reply to emails or comments and have instructions for the individual devices on their websites. With PAJ, the customer can even ask for a callback or watch one of their tutorials on YouTube. You can’t really do much more.

You should also not forget the SIM card to be used. If you make the wrong choice, you will otherwise incur unnecessary costs. You can find out everything about this topic here: Which SIM card should I use in a GPS tracker?

Conclusion: To avoid being left out in the cold in an emergency, you should spend between €70 and €150 on a GPS tracker, depending on the area of application. If you compare these expenses with the value of the car to be protected, for example, it quickly becomes clear that €30-40 more could really pay off here.

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