What are the benefits of tracking portals?


Not every GPS tracker is suitable for a tracking portal and the service often costs money. But what is the benefit for me once I have decided on a portal? When does a GPS tracker make sense for me as an entrepreneur and when as a private individual?

Perfect for fleet management

If you want to make your company more effective, there is no getting around the targeted analysis of data. The great advantages of tracking portals are therefore particularly evident in fleet management. After all, a quick glance at the routes saved over the last month can be enough to recognize that, for example, one more driver is needed in an area. With the PAJ tracking portal, for example, you have the option of receiving a route report by e-mail. Anyone who studies this information intensively will certainly be able to make many more such improvements quickly and thus make their company more profitable.

The real-time tracking of the location portals also benefits many companies. Think of all the phone calls that are made to clarify where an employee is. The tracking portal not only saves every manager these phone calls, but also allows them to coordinate more effectively. This means you always know where the next colleague is and can also give a customer a better estimate of the arrival time.

More transparency

At the same time, of course, you also increase transparency within the company. How long does which appointment last? How long are the service lives? Does everyone use their vehicle as intended?
Ideally, you will no longer have any unnecessary discussions and can argue with facts. This avoids bad moods among employees and improves communication without false accusations, misunderstandings or the like. Working hours are also easier to control in this way. Both overtime and delays can be easily documented in this way.

Also useful for private individuals

Not only companies benefit from tracking portals, such an additional feature can also be useful for private individuals. Whether you go hiking or touring by motorcycle, a tracking portal offers many useful options. Where have I been today and which turn-off should I take again next time? A look at the recorded routes reveals more.

In our opinion, there are not that many additional services required in this area, such as permanent location updates or saving routes for a month, so you can get away with it at a fairly low price. You often pay less than €10 per month, with the PAJ tracking portal mentioned above you pay as little as €3. In addition, many portals can even be tested free of charge beforehand, so that everyone can then judge for themselves how sensible the investment is.

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