Variety of GPS devices

When you think of GPS, its function immediately comes to mind. It is a technology that can be used to find your bearings anywhere on earth. The Global Positioning System is therefore used in many different areas. But the devices in which it is packaged often serve a different purpose. Different GPS devices are not only variable in appearance but also in their capabilities.

From mouse to military

The simplest device on the market is the so-called mouse. This is usually a flat box and is a simple receiver for GPS data. However, the data is not read out and used there, but is forwarded to a third party. This end device, for example a cell phone, then receives the exact coordinates of the mouse. Mice are often used for simple position tracking. For example, they can be attached to a pet, placed in a child’s school bag or hidden in the car.

A similar device is the logger. The only difference to the mouse is that it stores the received data internally. However, the logger must be connected to a computer in order to read out the data. In addition to the on/off button, some loggers also have a button with which you can mark special waypoints. Others have the option of recording complete route data.

Then there are the navigation devices. Like the logger, these also process the data internally, but with this device the position is displayed on a screen. With the help of a virtual map, you can follow the route you have taken on the screen. These devices are installed in cars and guide us safely to our destination.

There are also special precision devices. These receive not only the data from the GPS, but also additional information from other systems. However, correction signals are also received, thus delivering accuracy of less than 1 cm.

Last but not least, there are also the GPS devices used by the military. The satellites in space transmit two signals, one of which is accessible to the civilian population and the other can only be decoded by military equipment. Since the GPS is a US product, the second signal can only be used by US forces and friendly countries.

GPS devices are used for many areas. So it goes without saying that different GPS devices have been developed for each area. So everyone will find something to suit their needs. Whether for a hiking tour or to know where your pet is at any given time.

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