Trackimo GPS tracker

Advantages Size/weight
good online portal
Trackimo GPS-Tracker im Test
Disadvantages Battery
Abo variant only
Testsieger GPS Tracker Alleskönner 2018

Test result – 5th place

72 out of 100 points – This puts the Trackimo in 5th place in our GPS tracker all-rounder test!

For comparison – GPS tracker all-rounder

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Trackimo in the test


Preis GPS Tracker Vergleich


The Trackimo is priced in the mid-range at around 75 euros on Amazon . However, a subscription is required. The customer pays around USD 50 per year for the use of the built-in SIM card and the tracking portal. The price may be reasonable for the services of the SIM card, but we are not asked whether we really need it.

Preis GPS Tracker Vergleich
Bestellprozess GPR-Tracker Vergleich

Order process

The device can be ordered from Amazon without any problems or delays. The scope of delivery is quite good, but a power supply unit is unfortunately missing. In our opinion, savings were made in the wrong place.

Bestellprozess GPR-Tracker Vergleich
Funktionen/Eigenschaften GPS-Tracker Vergleich



-SMS or email notification

-3x SOS function

-GEO Fence

-Motion alarm

-Speed warning

-Tracking portal + app

-Display of distance traveled

Funktionen/Eigenschaften GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Akku GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Battery life

The really biggest weakness of the Trackimo is definitely the battery. We have already talked about the importance of the battery in GPS trackers in our blog. This makes us all the more critical of the battery life of less than a week. Here, too, Trackimo saves money in the wrong place.

Akku GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Handhabung GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Handling/ease of use

Due to the many additional functions, some of which have to be “programmed”, the tracker is probably not for people who are not good with technology or the Internet. The children or grandparents, for example, will probably need help with the set-up. Otherwise, however, the operation is perfectly ok.

Handhabung GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Präzision GPS-Tracker Vergleich Vorteile


GPS positioning is usually accurate to within a few meters. That is perfectly adequate. All devices have to contend with the typical problem of a weakened GPS signal. If none is available, Trackimo accesses the much less accurate GSM network (last radio mast used).

Präzision GPS-Tracker Vergleich Vorteile
Größe und Gewicht GPS-Tracker Vergleich


At approx. 40 g and measuring 4.7 cm x * 4 cm * 1.7 cm, the GPS tracker is very small and light. No problem for cars or bags anyway. In our opinion, it is also suitable for locating people. However, some of the competition offers even lighter and smaller models, as well as holders.

Größe und Gewicht GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Service GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Service/contact option

Again and again we read about poor support, which is sometimes put off or does not respond at all. Unfortunately, it is easy to lose contact with those responsible at foreign manufacturers. This is also the case here. This is offset by a clear and user-friendly website. However, the instructions and support are only in English (+Spanish). 

Service GPS-Tracker Vergleich
SIM Karte GPS Tracker Vergleich

SIM card

As already mentioned, a SIM card is permanently installed. The costs for these are included in the annual fees. This takes away a lot of the customer’s freedom of choice. The services offered are very good, but we wouldn’t have needed the tracker abroad, for example, and would therefore have done without this additional service (usable worldwide).

SIM Karte GPS Tracker Vergleich
Erfahrungsberichte GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Testimonials from other customers

Rather weak. Customers who complain about total device failures after one to two years are particularly noticeable. Poor customer service is also repeatedly criticized. Other customers, on the other hand, praise the functions and worldwide usability.

Erfahrungsberichte GPS-Tracker Vergleich


The Trackimo GPS tracker looks like an absolute all-rounder with many functions and a fair price of approx. 75 euros (without subscription). However, in the end we cannot give a clear recommendation to buy.

Purchase and first impressions

In retrospect, like many other customers, we would like to see more transparency regarding the subscription. It should have been clearly signaled that the costs for the use amount to approx. 60 euros per year.

As already mentioned, the GPS tracker has really strong features that speak in favor of a purchase. From the geo-fence to the motion sensor, the small device leaves nothing to be desired. You can even make it beep if you have misplaced it. The tracking portal and the app are also impressive.

Dissatisfied customers and poor long-term test

But beware: the Trackimo is unfortunately not a safe purchase. Customers report that the already weak battery gives up the ghost after one to two years or that the device no longer works properly overall. No help can be expected from support in such cases.

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