The best fitness trackers with GPS for athletes

Almost everyone now has a tracker or smartwatch to monitor their own movements. The basic devices record daily steps and kilometers walked, but for many people this is no longer enough. If you want to get and stay fit, you can use a fitness tracker to record facts about your own fitness and condition. Fitness trackers offer an ideal solution for keeping track of your own progress. The device specifies how much you should move every day, so everyone has the opportunity to check how much they move and can try to reach the specified target.

How a fitness tracker with GPS works

For most people, tracking steps and movements is already a kind of game; they try to beat themselves every day. Thanks to modern devices, recording is possible worldwide . The satellites of the global positioning system transmit their individual signals, which the device can receive and thus calculate its own location. The detailed individual calculations then provide a picture of the overall movements.

The clear advantage: the product does not get in the way in everyday life, it weighs a maximum of up to 50 grams and is therefore very light. In order for the information to be transmitted smoothly, it must be paired with an end device, such as a cell phone. All the facts can be viewed and managed in the associated app. The measurement data is transmitted immediately, no matter where you are in the world.

Why trackers with GPS are important for sports

Hardly any other gadget has as many fans as the fitness tracker, which allows you to conveniently record all your activities. Depending on the model, other body values are also measured, making it possible to analyze the heart rate or record sleep at night.

In addition, the device records various types of sport as they are performed, including soccer, basketball, the classic sprint or a long jog.

During the day, the device records every movement in everyday life and informs the user whether they have exercised sufficiently. This type of evaluation is particularly useful for people with a profession in which they are less active in order to compensate for deficits.

Advanced athletes wear such a tracking device as a chest strap to record important vital functions. But even as a wristband , the tracker reliably measures everyday activity with movement data.

The best fitness trackers with GPS for athletes

The advantages of GPS devices for sport

By recording certain movements and the meters covered, people have the option of sharing the results with several friends. This gives you the opportunity to create individual leaderboards and compete with your friends and family. The device reliably records all routes and sends the values directly to the smartphone app. These can then be sent via a link or offer the opportunity to train together with friends.

Depending on the model, these gadgets offer the user various functions and encourage more exercise. It also acts as a personal trainer who records and encourages successes.

Disadvantages of GPS and possible costs

In addition to the purchase price, users have to expect additional costs per month, as the associated app is usually based on a subscription of around five euros. In return, the user receives access to all stored data, routes and detailed evaluations of their movement data.

When using fitness trackers, the user is always dependent on the integrated battery, which is advertised as long-lasting, but this depends on the actual use. The more frequently the device transmits data, the sooner the battery is exhausted and needs to be charged.

In addition, a SIM card is required to send the data to the end device via the mobile network; this may incur additional costs, depending on the provider. These aspects should be checked urgently before buying a tracker or smartwatch to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Fitness tracker with GPS – a conclusion

Before buying, it is important to know how the appliance will be used, so it is worth making a comparison. If you only want a rough overview, an inexpensive device is perfectly adequate. However, passionate athletes need a little more support and should make sure that the tracker provides sufficient functions and makes extensive recordings. This means that the device can easily show the user where their individual strengths and weaknesses lie, allowing sufficient potential for improvements in personal training. There is now a large selection of different GPS transmitters on the market, so that everyone can find what they are looking for, no matter what sport they practise.

Trackers can therefore record extensive information about the body and movement, giving the user a good picture of the body and personal performance. He has his individual performance in view and can measure himself against others, the evaluation on his cell phone and can plan and optimize his training accordingly. These devices are therefore indispensable, whether they are used for outdoor sports or for strength training at home.

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