SIM card for GPS tracker, what to look out for

Find the right SIM card with an attractive tariff for your GPS tracker. But how?Almost every GPS tracker requires a SIM card to be able to transmit its location. However, the market is full of mobile phone providers who rave about great offers and low rates. How are you supposed to keep track of everything? How are you supposed to find the right SIM card for your GPS tracker? We would like to provide you with an overview of the most important criteria and recommend our SIM card comparison specifically for GPS trackers.

What are the most important criteria for a SIM card for GPS trackers?

Of course, there are all kinds of criteria for comparing SIM card tariffs. For GPS trackers, however, it is sufficient to consider a certain selection. First of all, we would like to clarify which type of SIM card is preferable and then go into the most important categories in more detail.

Prepaid or contract

First of all, we would like to make a clear recommendation to use a prepaid card instead of a contractually bound card. Maps with a contract often have too many extras and their offers exceed the scope required by the average user of a GPS tracker. Ultimately, however, the greater flexibility, the lower price and the absence of running costs are the reasons that speak in favor of a prepaid card.

Costs, prices and Internet

If you have now actually decided on a prepaid card, there are still an incredible number of offers? Now it’s time to compare prices per text message, to Germany and abroad, the basic price and the available starting credit.
The standard price for an SMS is 9 cents. The prices for messages abroad vary greatly from 7 cents to as much as 29 cents. A new SIM card is available for less than €10 and the starting credit is usually €10.
You should also keep an eye on the available data volume and the costs per MB. Do you want to locate your GPS tracker via a website or an external location portal and need access to mobile data? This is the disadvantage of many prepaid cards. Internet access is often expensive or not available at all. At this point we should mention the prepaid tariff from, which provides 10 MB free per month.

Network availability

The second important aspect is the network that your SIM card uses. Who can use a GPS tracker that can only be located irregularly or in certain areas? It is reassuring that all the major network operators in Germany (Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica) are almost identical and cover over 99% of the area. However, if you want the best network with the widest coverage and the fastest connection, you should go to Telekom. This is followed by Vodafone’s D2 network and, last but not least, Telefonica’s O2 network. The advantage of the Telefonica network is that the 2G network is still in operation here, which has already been switched off by the two market leaders. However, there are trackers that only run via this network.
For a more detailed network comparison, you can find more information here.

PIN code deactivation

GPS tracking devices dial into the mobile network via the SIM card. This requires the SIM card to be unlocked, something the GPS tracker cannot do. To put the device into operation, you must first deactivate the PIN code. To do this, the SIM card must be inserted into a cell phone and the Security (or similar) item must be selected in the menu. A switch or sub-item for deactivating the PIN code should appear here.


There is not THE right SIM card for GPS trackers. Different SIM cards are available depending on where, how often and generally how you use your tracker. Prepaid cards, which we recommend for you, are available online on Amazon or in your trusted discount store. You can find an overview and a detailed comparison with ratings of prepaid SIM cards here.

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