Securing your car against theft – tips and tricks

The theft of one’s own vehicle is a terrible idea for many, and anyone who relies on the use of their car in everyday life then has a big problem. In addition to the paperwork, reporting to the police and looking for alternatives, the things that were stored in the car are also missing. Vehicle owners can do a lot to reliably protect their cars from thieves. With new or important passenger cars, owners quickly ask themselves how they can prevent car theft.

Reliably secure your car against theft with tips and gadgets

Car thieves regularly set to work in Germany and routinely steal vehicles in order to sell them on. With a few tips and tricks, you can easily deter criminals and protect your car from possible theft.

How to prevent car theft – important aspects of car theft protection

To protect your car from thieves, you don’t necessarily need an expensive alarm system, which is often not included in older vehicles and would have to be retrofitted at great expense. Anyone can protect a vehicle from thieves using electronic or mechanical measures. If youwant toprevent car theft , youcan initially manage without such systems if you pay attention to a few aspects .

When leaving the car, it is important to ensure that no valuables or cash are visible in the vehicle, as this increases the risk of third parties tamper with the car without authorization. A good parking position is important to increase protection against car thieves. Ideally, you should choose a busy street and not a deserted parking lot, as lots of people act as a deterrent to thieves. You can also take a few tips against car theft into account, such as taking all the car keys with you when you park your car and locking the windows and doors. It is also not advisable to leave the windows open in summer when you park your car.

Securing the car against theft

Electronic fuses

The market offers drivers a wide range of options for protecting their cars from thieves, and technical solutions in particular are becoming increasingly popular and can be easily retrofitted to older vehicles.

Alarm systems as anti-theft protection for the car

When buying a new car, the scope of delivery offers a wide range of mechanical and electronic security devices to protect the car against theft. A popular anti-theft device and the best-known solution is the classic alarm system, which reacts very sensitively to vibrations and movements, for example if the vehicle is towed away or moved abruptly. The built-in sensor also reacts to movement in the interior; if someone tries to steal the car, the acoustic alarm is triggered and warns the driver and anyone nearby. If such a system is not included, but you still want the car to alert you to unauthorized actions, this electronic system can be retrofitted. Models intended for installation in the vehicle can only be installed by qualified personnel. For those on a budget, there are also smaller, slimmed-down models that protect your car. These devices are suitable for fitting yourself, usually via the so-called OBD interface, OBD stands for onboard diagnostic socket. An inexpensive model for upgrading the car costs between 30 and 60 euros, models with more functions between 30 and 300 euros or more expensive. Depending on the vehicle, it may be worth investing in a reliable anti-theft device for your car.

Electronic immobilizer

An electrically controlled immobilizer usually works by means of an RFID chip on the key, which the board system always scans; if there is no match when the car is started, the engine cannot be started and the car stops.

Mechanical theft protection

Each vehicle is supplied from the factory with a number of gadgets designed to prevent the car from being stolen; mechanical security systems must be activated by the driver as soon as the car is parked.

Theft protection for cars

How to prevent car theft

If you always lock your car reliably and take the key with you, you are already doing a lot right, but most vehicles offer more options for protecting the car with additional security devices.

Immobilizer and steering wheel lock as a protective measure for the vehicle

The steering wheel lock is a manual lock, which the driver must always engage before getting out of the vehicle by turning the steering wheel until the mechanism engages, making it impossible to drive away. The vehicle key is required to unlock the lock on the steering wheel. If you want to increase this protection, you can also use a steering wheel claw, which is attached to the steering wheel. Steering wheel claws are particularly difficult for a potential thief to remove, so interest in the car quickly wanes.

Parking claw for car tires

Parking claws are used like large locks and can be purchased from specialist retailers or DIY stores. This allows car wheels to be locked and prevents the car from being driven away without authorization.

Protect your car from thieves with GPS

Protect your car with the gearshift lock

The gearshift lever is locked with the aid of a gearshift lock and reverse gear is engaged. This lock prevents the car from shifting gears and thus blocks thieves in their plans.

What to do if your car is stolen – GPS as an additional anti-theft device

Despite all the measures taken, no car is completely secure, and thieves may still steal the car or another vehicle despite the anti-theft protection. In addition
GPS trackers for cars
can be used for security purposes. These reliably transmit the vehicle’s location to a connected device, such as a smartphone or your own computer.

If a theft has taken place, the police must always be informed immediately and the owner must then contact the relevant insurance company.

According to the German Insurance Association (GDV), around 10,000 cars are stolen every year, so you should make it as difficult as possible for thieves and protect your vehicle with electronic or mechanical security systems, preferably a combination of different measures.

A good anti-theft device is worthwhile for every vehicle, apart from the actual value, good prevention saves a lot of trouble and inconvenience. In the event of theft, the chances of getting the car back are very slim, and in most cases the objects from the stolen car are gone forever.

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