Risk of theft: GPS tracker for boats and yachts as a solution?

What is the problem?

Assuming you own your own boat or are planning to buy one in the near future. Definitely an exciting thing, but there is something to bear in mind. The happy buyer of a boat buys with the joy also a piece of the care for the valuable property. What if someone tampers with my boat? What if my boat or outboard motor is stolen? How can I protect my abandoned boat?

Boats, yachts and engines – a popular target for thieves

Over 10,000 boats are stolen across Europe every year. The Competence Center for Boat Crime in Constance published statistics that also revealed alarming figures for Germany in the area in question. In Germany alone, over 1000 outboard motors are stolen every year. The reason for this is simple. These are expensive properties which, despite their high value, are mainly unobserved. Read more in the Hamburger Morgenpost article: The hunt for stolen yachts.

A GPS tracker as a solution

A GPS tracker seems to be exactly the right solution for this. It not only has the ability to warn you, track the boat or the engine, but also provides the right solution. It frees you, as the owner, from the constant worry of leaving your boat completely unobserved and unprotected in the harbor.

The diverse functions of a GPS tracker include fast and reliable live tracking, as well as a motion and shock alarm. Other features include an alarm for speeding(speed alarm) or leaving an area you have previously defined(radius alarm). A remote immobilizer can also be set up. There is also the option of acoustic interior monitoring.

So if someone dares to tamper with your boat without permission, this will not go unnoticed. You also have the option of intervening immediately.

Different trackers, different advantages and disadvantages

Now there are two different ways to install such a GPS tracker on your boat:

The simpler method, where you place the device in a location of your choice in the boat: Please note that not all of the functions mentioned are available. In addition, the tracker now runs on a rechargeable battery with a limited runtime.

The somewhat more complex method, in which you install the GPS tracker in the boat or outboard motor or have it installed: Here you have unrestricted access to all available functions and no longer have to worry about any battery problems.

The installation of a GPS tracker should definitely be agreed with all persons concerned; the device is only used to protect your own boat and must not be used to monitor other persons or their property.


In our opinion, the GPS tracker for boats and yachts makes perfect sense in both versions. Above all, however, a permanently installed device appears to be a convincing long-term investment. Boats and trackers seem to be made for each other and we recommend the purchase of a GPS tracker to every happy boat owner.

If you are thinking about alternative protection methods, here is a good video from Pantaenius on how to secure your yacht against theft. However, Pantaenius also recommends a tracking system.

To find the best GPS tracker in this area of application, we ask you to look in the GPS tracker for machines category. As with boats and yachts, it is important to pay particular attention to battery life and price when comparing individual trackers for machines. We also pay attention to whether the devices in our machine tracker test are waterproof or not. An aspect that should certainly not be underestimated in the boat and yacht sector 😉

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