People Finder 4G from PAJ for seniors

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GPS Tracker PET Finder 4G PAJ GPS
Testsieger GPS Tracker Alleskönner 2018

Test result – 1st place

94 out of 100 points – The People Finder 4G from PAJ GPS takes first place in our test of GPS trackers for seniors!

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The EASY Finder complete set in the test


Preis GPS Tracker Vergleich


At just under 50 euros, the price is in the middle price segment.

Preis GPS Tracker Vergleich
Bestellprozess GPR-Tracker Vergleich

Order process

The ordering process was quick and uncomplicated. Nevertheless, I am very happy with the whole process.

Bestellprozess GPR-Tracker Vergleich
Funktionen/Eigenschaften GPS-Tracker Vergleich


-Versatile in use
-Waterproof to IP67
-SOS button
-WiFi function for more precise positioning
– Shock, geo-fence and many other alarms

Funktionen/Eigenschaften GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Akku GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Battery life

The battery is installed internally and lasts an average of approx. 1-3 days. As with all battery-operated appliances, the running time depends in particular on the intensity of use.
Specification of the manufacturer:
The battery lasts up to 4 days with an active tracking duration of approx. 1h / day!

Akku GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Handhabung GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Handling/ease of use

Operation and handling are simple and intuitive. Detailed and clear instructions make installation much easier than with other trackers.

Handhabung GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Präzision GPS-Tracker Vergleich Vorteile


The People Finder 4G locates precisely and accurately thanks to 4G technology and the WiFi function. With this function, the device can also achieve relatively good accuracy indoors.

Präzision GPS-Tracker Vergleich Vorteile
Größe und Gewicht GPS-Tracker Vergleich


The tracker measures 58 mm x 44 mm x 20 mm and weighs 49 grams. This means that it is not particularly large and the weight should not really bother anyone.

Größe und Gewicht GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Service GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Service/contact option

Top service: fast, competent help with all kinds of questions. Both the written and telephone support are excellent.

Service GPS-Tracker Vergleich
SIM Karte GPS Tracker Vergleich

SIM card

As with almost all devices, the SIM card is included in the device and must be activated with a monthly fee.

Service GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Erfahrungsberichte GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Testimonials from other customers

The reviews are consistently positive, unfortunately there are not too many reviews yet as the device is new.

Erfahrungsberichte GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Conclusion: People Finder 4G from PAJ

The People Finder 4G from PAJ is right up there at just under 50 euros. Price management is definitely fair here.

Purchase and first impressions

We are absolutely convinced by the scope of delivery and the entire packaging of the device. Everything looks and feels very fashionable and high-quality.

When you first look at the device, you notice that it has very pleasant dimensions. Of course, the customer is particularly happy about this in this category.

Product features

The finder’s SOS button is particularly good. This works smoothly and fits in well with the range of features (including the geo-fence). Overall, the user quickly realizes that this is a well thought-out product that can be trusted.