No gift idea? Why GPS trackers are great

We’ve all been there: Christmas is just around the corner, but the only thing missing is the right gift. The tenth voucher is getting boring and impersonal. At the same time, the gift should not be useless and disappear into the cellar. Our gift tip for Christmas, birthdays or other occasions: try a GPS tracker.

Why a GPS tracker is a great Christmas or birthday present

A major advantage of trackers is their versatility. Everyone is sure to find the right application. If you travel a lot, you can easily keep an eye on your suitcase with the device. Perhaps you know someone who often forgets their bag, for example, or has a beloved bicycle that they want to protect. There are also suitable GPS trackers for cars, motorcycles and even pets. The devices are therefore far more than just a technical gimmick.
The Allround Finder from PAJ is particularly practical because it offers precisely this versatility, giving the recipient even more options. The PAJ company also packages its products very attractively and the Allrounder Finder doesn’t look cheap in terms of design and workmanship. At just under €100, the Finder also makes a great gift for family or friends.
If you already know exactly where the tracker will be used, take a look at the corresponding categories on our site to find the best product: vehicles/trucks, people, machines, animals, motorcycles/quads

But what you should pay attention to

Caution is required in particular in the event of imminent follow-up costs. After all, you don’t want to give away any subscription costs. Unfortunately, the user has to pay for this with Tractive, whereas with PAJ the investment is limited to the purchase price.
You should also pay particular attention to the SIM card. We have already provided detailed information on this topic in our article“Which SIM card should I use in a GPS tracker?” and continue to recommend a prepaid card, which can be ordered directly from PAJ.
If you pay attention to these two points, nothing stands in the way of a varied and meaningful gift.

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