Methods of theft protection

It is becoming increasingly common to park your car somewhere and then find it is no longer in its place when you return. It also happens more and more often that the cars can no longer be found. This is usually because they are already abroad or have already been taken apart. It’s not nice to experience something like this because the stolen cars usually cost a lot to buy. However, there are many different methods of theft protection that are used in a wide variety of areas.

Theft protection of the simple kind

The best protection you can have against thieves is not to draw their attention to your car in the first place by parking it on the street. The easiest method is to park your car in a parking garage that is not visible to the public or in a private garage. As you don’t see the vehicle standing alone somewhere, you don’t even get the idea of taking possession of someone else’s vehicle. So-called parking or steering wheel claws are also very popular. As the name suggests, the steering wheel claw is attached to the steering wheel and prevents it from turning. On the other hand, fitting the parking claw prevents the car from being driven away. The problem with such precautionary measures, however, is that the vehicles are not driven away at all, but are pulled directly onto a truck. This means that it is no longer absolutely necessary to remove the steering wheel or parking claws. Therefore, these options do not offer 100 percent protection.

Constant monitoring

Another option is permanent video surveillance, but this is not always available. As soon as the vehicle is no longer parked in a garage, it is extremely difficult to install video surveillance on the open road. It is therefore easier to use a monitoring method at a different level. This monitoring is aimed at the exact position of the vehicle. For this purpose, a GPS tracker is installed in the car which sends its exact position to a cell phone at regular intervals. The advantage here is that the tracker is very unlikely to be detected and will continue to send data even if it is abroad. With a GPS device, you can define a certain radius within which the tracker moves without triggering an alarm. If the vehicle and tracker leave this radius, the owner is notified by text message and can report the theft very quickly. Furthermore, the coordinates provided by the GPS device can be used to locate the vehicle very quickly, even if it is not in Germany.

There are many ways to protect your beloved car from theft. However, none of them offer 100 percent protection. If you want to be on the safe side, it’s best not to let your vehicle out of your sight.

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