Locating keys – how to find your key again

Searching for your car or front door key is not only annoying, but also particularly irritating when you need to leave quickly. If the key is not in its fixed place, all jackets, pockets and trouser pockets are searched first. The last steps with the key are repeated in your mind, but if you still can’t find it, good advice is expensive in this case.

Locating a car key

Fortunately, technical support is now available to help you find the key quickly and avoid trouble. A car key or front door key can be found quickly with the help of Bluetooth, smartphone or radio. These small gadgets are suitable for any type of key, spare keys or radio keys for the car can be fitted with a corresponding tag. Some retailers offer receivers on which several keys are displayed at the same time. This means that the car, front door and many other keys can be called up with a remote control .

With the help of radio car key locations

Thanks to small gadgets, you can equip your key accordingly even with a minimal budget. No basic technical knowledge is required, the setup is simple and can be done by most people without any problems. The following small guide lists the most common models with their advantages and disadvantages:

Radio key finder

A wireless key finder can be purchased for little money, the transmitter is attached to the corresponding key ring . If this is required, the corresponding button must be pressed on the receiver, which is usually a small, handy remote control. The small trailer now makes itself known by displaying LED lights or making noises. With this variant, however, this is only possible at short distances; the search radius is between 50 and 100 meters. Wireless key finders use the integrated battery as a power source, which cannot be replaced on every model, but has a long service life.

Key finder with Bluetooth function

A key finder with Bluetooth works in a similar way, but is more expensive to buy. Here too, the small key finder is attached to the collar of the key. This usually requires an additional app that can be used to call the key finder. This then sends a Bluetooth signal, which is visible on the app on the smartphone. Depending on the manufacturer or provider, these differ in the illustration. However, the area covered by the Bluetooth key finder is very small and only suitable for short distances.

GPS key finder

If you prefer a particularly precise location, a small GPS device as a key finder is the perfect choice! These small devices, which are also attached to the key ring of car keys or spare keys, enable them to be located with particular accuracy. With the help of the GPS system, a global satellite system, the small tracker can be located with an accuracy of just a few meters, even around the world – the largest possible range. This allows you to recognize immediately if the key has been stolen and act accordingly. These key finders must be used with a smartphone or other mobile device such as a tablet. Several finders can usually be created and located in the corresponding app, so the user has access at all times and can track all devices with one app. Such key finders have a rechargeable battery, which should be charged regularly; the user receives a corresponding message on their mobile device when the battery level drops. However, an additional SIM card is always required for this product; this is usually provided by the retailer, but sometimes you have to purchase it yourself. This is necessary to query the current location of the key.

The best key finder

Which key finder is necessary and useful always depends on the user’s behavior. For those who are often on the move and like to misplace their keys , the support of a GPS key finder is ideal. As this locates the key worldwide and very precisely, you can immediately identify where the key was forgotten. When it comes to simply finding keys in your own home , the range of radio and Bluetooth is sufficient to find lost keys without having to search for them. In comparison, the tracker has the better price-performance ratio as it has a greater range .

Finding the keys to your car – tips

If you can’t find your car key, it’s annoying and if you’re in a hurry, you’ll quickly reach for a spare key. But this spare key is of course not a permanent solution. To find the key, you need a little time and a clear head; you usually remember which pocket you last carried it in. Before a theft is suspected that involves the insurance company and the police, drivers should first look everywhere; often the key they are looking for can be found in a small corner of the house or in the vehicle itself. If you want to save yourself this search, you can equip your keys around the house and car with an appropriate finder .

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