The radius alarm

GPS trackers are often advertised with a large number of functions. Many different alarm signals and gadgets, but which ones are actually useful? And how do they work?

What do I need the radius alarm for?

The radius alarm obviously has something to do with a radius. This function allows you, for example, to define a specific area around your own company that must not be left. As soon as an employee violates the measure, you will be notified. The service can also be used for private purposes in exactly the same way. Do you want to protect your car, classic car or expensive new bicycle from theft? Attach a GPS transmitter to the device to be protected. Once the radius alarm has been set, you no longer need to worry about theft going unnoticed. A GPS tracker with a radius alarm can definitely help here.

How does a radius alarm work?

Of course, there are no universal instructions. The alarm can be set differently depending on how the GPS tracker is used. When using and controlling via SMS, it is often sufficient to send an SMS with certain codes to the GPS tracker. These can usually be found in the enclosed instructions or on the provider’s website. If you use your GPS transmitter via mobile data, app or internet portal (usually all of these are connected), the alarm functions can normally also be controlled via these. To set the alarm, a center is defined around which a radius to be selected is drawn. This often requires the appliance to remain in one place for 10 minutes. The next time the tracker starts moving, this virtual limit is active. Consequently, an alarm is issued if the limit is exceeded without authorization. The form in which you receive this again depends entirely on your settings and how you use it. Possible options here include messages by SMS, email, call or push-up notification. The special feature of the radius alarm: As soon as the radius is left, it is deactivated. A new radius is then set around the point at which the GPS tracker will remain for the next 10 minutes. A function that is particularly useful and important for theft protection.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]