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PIN code deactivation

To be able to operate a GPS tracker, you must first deactivate the inserted SIM card. Unfortunately, there are no generally applicable instructions here. The setting is different on every device. Nevertheless, we will try to make your life easier with a little guide.

Why do I have to deactivate the PIN code at all?

As you can read in our article How does location transmission work with GPS trackers? the GPS tracker must dial into the GSM network (cell phone network). The reason for this is the way in which GPS devices transmit their position data to the end device: Via this very mobile network. This is where the SIM card comes into play. The GPS transmitter wants to access them, but does not have the option of entering the PIN code. To grant him access anyway, you must deactivate the PIN request in advance.

How do I deactivate the PIN code on my SIM card?

Let’s move on to the actual deactivation. As already mentioned, this does not always happen in the same way. SIM cards are now available in three different sizes. Sorted from large to small, there are three formats: standard, micro and nano SIM. However, plug-in systems are usually supplied so that you can switch back and forth between the different sizes as required.

Step 1: Inserting the SIM card

First find a cell phone of your choice. Deactivation on old cell phones is often perceived as easier. The reason for this is simple: the old cell phones have fewer bells and whistles. This simply makes the menu item easier to find. The advantage of newer cell phone models: The settings increasingly have a search function. After you have chosen a cell phone, insert the SIM card and switch on the cell phone.

Step 2: Deactivating the PIN code query

Let’s assume that your cell phone does not have a search function in the settings. Otherwise, search for terms such as SIM or PIN until you find a sub-item that does what you want. This could be called SIM lock, SIM PIN (options) or similar. The PIN is then requested and the PIN request is deactivated after it has been entered. To test whether you have done everything correctly, simply switch the device off and on again. If no PIN is required, you have done everything correctly and can insert the SIM card into your GPS tracker with peace of mind.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]