How can I see if someone is spying on my cell phone?

Cell phones have long since found their way into our everyday lives, many things such as online banking and other transactions are carried out on them, and communication with friends and family via text messages also takes place on them. You rarely have to worry about unauthorized access or monitoring by third parties, as most devices offer enhanced protection measures. In many cases, however, it is not hackers who are directly tampering with the victim’s smartphone; it is often the victim’s own partner who secretly gains access to all the data. Your own children or employees can also disturb your privacy with the help of spy apps; the main reasons for this are jealousy, mistrust, envy or curiosity. There are plenty of ways to monitor a person, and apps from the Internet can be used to gain unauthorized and secret access to other people’s devices.

Every smartphone contains sensitive data

Hackers are primarily interested in stealing data ; they use private information to harm the victim. There are various ways to gain unauthorized access to another device, monitoring software is diverse and is rarely recognized immediately. There are many such apps in the Apple and Android app stores that are disguised as spy apps, for example. These can be installed on the smartphone by hackers or the partner; the victim usually does not recognize it as a surveillance app and it remains undetected. This makes it easy to monitor your cell phone and your surroundings unintentionally.

Spy on your cell phone  Some of these apps then not only access the stored data or monitor smartphone activity, they also use the smartphone’s camera and microphone. The images are then not stored in the photo gallery, but forwarded undetected; some of these apps make such recordings in a certain rhythm. This allows strangers to monitor and eavesdrop on the cell phone owner around the clock in the background without leaving any traces.

Surveillance apps are illegal

Installing a spy app on your partner’s cell phone without their knowledge is not permitted; such an act is illegal, even if you are in a relationship. Anyone who suspects spying or surveillance on their own cell phone can take a few precautions to detect such apps and prevent unauthorized access.

Unauthorized access to another person’s device gives them an overview of all the data stored on the smartphone, including every saved picture, all passwords and other content.

It is sufficient if the cell phone is left unobserved for a short time, this gives the perpetrator enough leeway to purchase and install malware without being noticed.

Find and act on spy apps

At the first sign that your smartphone is being monitored, all visible, installed apps should be checked. All applications that you have not downloaded yourself can be uninstalled for the time being. Malware is rarely obvious, but disguised as a security or antivirus app, so such apps must be checked first. As a rule, it also makes sense to update your own passwords; changing them regularly increases security and offers protection for your own data.

Signs of monitoring apps on the cell phone

If there are signs of surveillance, the victim must first go on a search; strange apps or text messages can already be a first indication. However, a spy app is rarely recognizable as such, and external access can be detected by obvious changes in user-friendliness.

Detect cell phone spy software

  • The battery consumption of the smartphone is significantly higher than before and the phone has to be charged more often. Even if the battery warms up more quickly, this may already be a first indication of spying activities.
  • The display often cannot be deactivated or the screen freezes more frequently, and restarting the device also takes much longer than usual.
  • Strange error messages from the cell phone can also be an indication of unauthorized access.
  • The data volume consumed by the smartphone increases; this information can be viewed in the settings. The additional costs can be viewed at the provider; increased costs are also an indication of increased data consumption and access by third parties.
  • Some functions are slower to use, the device reacts with a delay, the reason for this may be that a stranger is tampering with the phone at the same time.

Detect and remove spyware

At the first sign of suspicion or an uneasy feeling, the user can check whether unwanted activities are taking place over the phone. If someone has access to your smartphone, not only can other applications be installed, but SMS messages or e-mails can also be sent via the user.

Further measures and indications of spyware

If there are clear indications on the smartphone , but no mobile app was found, all folder and file names should also be checked; meaningless files that sound like the operating system may also belong to malware.

The device administrators can be viewed and changed in the settings of all devices. On an Android smartphone, for example, you can see at a glance which apps are active, they are listed in the “Running services” menu item and suspicious programs can be easily uninstalled.

In contrast to Android, Apple removes possible malware automatically with every update. If you are still unsure, you can simply reset the phone to the factory settings , but you should back up all account data externally beforehand.

Prevention and security measures for android and iOs

The aim of such monitoring is to gain full control, steal data or gain insight into the current location. Smartphone users can do a lot to protect their own content and privacy.

Ideally, unauthorized software should be prevented from being installed from the outset, so at least one password lock should be set up on the smartphone. Biometric processes are particularly secure, for example with FaceID on Apple or with your own fingerprint on Android.

In addition, the device should not be left unattended for long periods of time to prevent unauthorized access. The use of apps from unknown sources must be avoided, and the authorizations granted must also be checked in every case.

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