GPS watch? Why trackers are not a good alternative for children

It seems like a great idea. A watch on your wrist and a GPS tracker at the same time. Like a kind of smartwatch, only child-friendly and with the main focus on tracking. In other words, a GPS watch. This means that parents always know where their children are on request and can even send messages, depending on the watch’s features. But beware, what sounds like an ideal solution turns out to be a gadget with many problems when tested in practice.

The most important: Precision

It’s rather ironic that positioning, of all things, is one of the biggest problems with the GPS watch. The reason is obvious: anyone who wants to build a GPS tracker into a watch is quickly confronted with the problem of space. To get all the hardware into a children’s watch, the antenna must be shortened. The result: the child’s location varies dramatically. Reviews on Amazon mention false reports and deviations of 5 km or more. This of course makes the function of the geo-fence pointless.

Small battery, weak battery

What’s more, a GPS watch with all the additional functions it has compared to a normal watch also places greater demands on the battery. But here too, the lack of space becomes a pitfall. After all, it’s hard to find a powerful battery of this size at an acceptable price. Many users therefore speak of long charging times and short battery life in their reviews. The quality of the battery is of immense importance, as we have already explained in our blog. Having to constantly charge it is not only impractical, but also always associated with the risk of forgetting it (especially with children). Ultimately, the GPS watch may even be off if the worst comes to the worst.

Not to be underestimated: Optics

As we all know, there’s no accounting for taste. This makes it all the more difficult to convince a child to wear such a watch if he or she finds the accessory anything but beautiful. Not to mention the fact that not all children like wearing watches. Many take them off after all or even lose them during sport. We think the investment is too high for that.
Another disadvantage of the GPS watch, which is not exactly simple or inconspicuous, is the fact that it immediately catches the eye of criminals. The watch is quickly removed and with it the possibility of locating your own child.


For an investment in the €120-150 range, the GPS watch is too poorly thought out. This is also confirmed by many customer reviews on Amazon, which also complain about poor workmanship. Our main criticism remains the functionality of the watch. In particular, the lack of precision and the poor battery – both due to the size – are simply unacceptable. If you are looking for a good GPS tracker for people, you should take a closer look at our comparison test. Here we explain exactly what you should look out for when buying and which manufacturer is ahead in our opinion.

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