GPS tracker suitcase – so you never lose your luggage again

The suitcase is packed and the trip is just around the corner. If you want to avoid stress on the way to your dream destination, you need to plan every step. Sufficient time is allowed before check-in to ensure there is enough of a buffer, and luggage is also checked in and labeled so that baggage reclaim runs smoothly on arrival. No matter how well you prepare, if the suitcase is delayed or cannot be found, all your efforts are wasted.

Luggage tracker for locating luggage

In addition to the classic tag on luggage, small GPS trackers can also be carried in luggage. Luggage trackers allow the owner to locate their luggage in real time, so they can see where it is at any time.

Thanks to their compact size, luggage trackers can be stored anywhere, in small side compartments or simply in the middle, they hardly take up any space and don’t add any weight.

Are baggage trackers allowed?

A few guidelines must be observed when carrying the GPS device. If possible, the suitcase tracker used should only function as a receiver; devices with a microphone or camera are not permitted and are against the rules of many airlines . Whether their use is generally permitted depends heavily on the transportation guidelines of the various airlines ; some clearly declare them as dangerous goods due to the integrated battery. GPS receivers with low transmission power and a small battery are allowed on most airplanes. It is important to find out about the airlines’ rules before the flight to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to avoid problems and delays.

Using the GPS tracker in your suitcase

GPS trackers can be carried in any piece of luggage and are available in various sizes and with many functions. If you travel frequently, you can opt for a small suitcase tracker; if you want to use the device in your everyday life even after your vacation, you can choose a device with more functions .

How does a GPS tracker work?

The GPS system is a global network of satellites that can be used for positioning. Satellites orbit the earth and transmit a signal which the GPS transmitter can receive and pass on. The current position of the tracker can be determined based on the signal and the distance, which enables it to be located. The speed at which the tracker is moved can also be determined. GPS trackers for suitcases are therefore not designed purely for use on luggage , they can be used flexibly in everyday life, for example in your own car or on an e-bike. A GPS tracker is therefore a small tracking device with an integrated GPS module.

Setup and commissioning

There are a few things to consider before buying, the battery life plays a major role. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the batteries last for different lengths of time, so the devices need to be recharged regularly. Sufficient power supply and good battery life are important to ensure the constant transmission of data. The more frequently the location is called up, the more battery the device requires. If the battery life is coming to an end, the user receives a message and can charge the device in good time.

Once fully charged, the GPS tracker can be put into operation; most of these gadgets come with an app. This is installed on a smartphone or tablet and provides access to the suitcase tracker.

Even though there are different types and designs, these devices have one thing in common: they all require a SIM card to forward the recorded data. Most articles are already equipped with such a card; if none is available, it must be purchased additionally.

Within the app, the user can then set up and customize the GPS tracker as desired, and several suitcase trackers can also be linked in one user account . This allows several pieces of luggage to be located and tracked, for example.

To call up the location of a piece of luggage, the user simply has to open the app and select the suitcase tracker to find out the current position immediately.

Set alarms offer additional security; if such an alarm is triggered, the user receives a message via SMS or as a push notification in the app.

Live tracking of the suitcase and location function

The live tracking function not only offers pure localization, the location is updated at regular intervals and thus makes it possible to follow the movement. This is particularly helpful if the luggage is sent to the vacation destination in advance. This makes it possible to check whether the luggage has already arrived or where it is currently located. Backpacks or handbags can also be fitted with a GPS tracker, so if you are only traveling with hand luggage and want to avoid the baggage carousel at the airport , you can play it safe.

Case theft protection and alarm

Luggage trackers offer many functions for monitoring luggage, and the alarms can also be helpful in the event of theft .

If luggage is stored in the hotel room during the trip, it can be protected by the radius alarm . With the radius alarm, the user defines a radius that the case must not leave. If this virtual limit is exceeded, the owner receives a corresponding message and can take action.

The same applies to the speed alarm; if the suitcase tracker moves faster than specified, this may be an indication of unauthorized actions. The corresponding alarm warns the owner and also sends the current location.

Each GPS transmitter has an SOS emergency button. This can be triggered manually if you are in danger. After pressing the button, the stored emergency contact is informed by SMS and can provide assistance.

Other possible applications

After the vacation, the GPS tracker can be used in everyday life, so it is perfect for small excursions, it can be carried in the backpack on hikes or on bike tours. GPS trackers can also be used to track people and animals, for example small children or senior citizens with dementia.

Advantages and disadvantages of GPS trackers

Due to staff shortages at airports and airlines, travelers often face a horror scenario and almost insurmountable luggage chaos. If you want to remedy this problem with a GPS tracker, you should inform yourself before using and buying one in order to find the right model among the many GPS trackers available.

Advantages suitcase tracker

GPS trackers for suitcases are easy to carry and can also be used afterwards in everyday life. Inexpensive models with the best price-performance ratio are available from the provider PAJ, where you are sure to find the right suitcase tracker, including small models for beginners. The various alarm functions allow users to find their luggage at any time and locate it. At best, this can avoid chaos at the airport and on the baggage carousel.

Disadvantages of suitcase trackers

Not every airport agrees to the use of GPS trackers, and depending on the provider, this can become a problem on the plane, so the user must check all eventualities before using the GPS tracker. To use suitcase trackers, you always need an additional device, ideally a smartphone. The associated app is usually free of charge, but a monthly subscription fee is payable to use all the functions of the suitcase tracker, which gives you full access to all the data.

Anyone who also uses their suitcase tracker on hikes or other excursions will benefit from using the online portal. Many manufacturers, including PAJ, store the data over a long period of time, which can be viewed and then used to plan further vacations.

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