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GPS tracker and the right SIM card – our comparisons

Before you, as a potential buyer of a GPS tracker, get overwhelmed by the large selection of devices, you should know what really matters. There are major differences in both the trackers and the SIM cards for GPS trackers, which only become apparent on second glance. A tracker for vehicles of any kind should of course have a long battery life and be easy to install. Devices for daily use in the pocket or on the pet’s collar, on the other hand, should be light and handy. The price-performance ratio also plays a major role. But what functions does which GPS tracker have and what is the customer service like? To give you a clearer overview between confusing sales pages and the small print in the product descriptions, we have created this comparison page on GPS trackers.

SIM cards for GPS trackers – what is important?

Have you decided on a tracker and are just looking for the right SIM card? Then we have just the right thing for you. But what are the main things to look out for in all these criteria?


First of all, we are of the opinion that a prepaid plan is clearly preferable to a contract. For more detailed information, read our blog postSIM cards for GPS trackers – what to look out for.
Price/SMS (also international prices): How much you pay per SMS (abroad) corresponds to the price for a location query. Naturally, the cheapest offers are the most attractive.
Network: A GPS tracker that has no reception is not worth much. It is therefore important to choose a reliable and comprehensive network.
The starting price and internet capability are also criteria that you should keep in mind.

Alternative to SMS tracking:

Online variant:

The manufacturers of GPS trackers and tracking devices often offer an app or an internet portal for using the finder. Mobile data is used for this purpose. The advantages of this variant are gadgets such as route storage, real-time localization and an overview of several GPS devices. However, small running costs must generally be expected here.
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