Vehicle Finder 2.0 from PAJ put to the test

Advantages Precision
Size and weight
Testsieger GPS Tracker Alleskönner 2018

Test result – 1st place

93 out of 100 points – This puts the Vehicle Finder 2.0 in first place in our test of GPS trackers for motorcycles!

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The Vehicle Finder 2.0 from PAJ is available both via the website and via the Amazon and Ebay platforms.

Testing the Vehicle Finder 2.0 from PAJ


Preis GPS Tracker Vergleich


At 99.99 euros, the price is in the average range for GPS devices. The price-performance ratio is fair, but more on this in the following points.

Preis GPS Tracker Vergleich
Bestellprozess GPR-Tracker Vergleich

Order process

As usual with PAJ, the ordering process was simple, fast and satisfactory. Had it in my hand within 2 days. It was ordered via PAJ’s own website. I came across it because I was looking for a suitable tracker for a motorcycle.

Bestellprozess GPR-Tracker Vergleich
Funktionen/Eigenschaften GPS-Tracker Vergleich


– Location query (Live)
– Motion alarm / vibration alarm
– Alarm when leaving a defined radius
– Automatic transmission of the location at intervals
– Alarm for speeding
– Alarm if the finder is disconnected from the external power source
– Ignition alarm
– Built-in 4G technology (can also be used abroad)

Funktionen/Eigenschaften GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Akku GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Battery life

The battery lasts well, but can be connected to the vehicle, making it rather insignificant in this category. Nevertheless, the device has an internal battery (700 mAh Li-ion)

Akku GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Handhabung GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Handling/ease of use

It is easy to use and quick to install. The instructions in particular made the quick installation super easy for me (there are also video instructions).

Handhabung GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Präzision GPS-Tracker Vergleich Vorteile


The Vehicle Finder 2.0 locates vehicles reliably and accurately. With the Finder portal, transaction data can be displayed clearly and easily. The app is constantly being improved, as we were able to see after this test.

Präzision GPS-Tracker Vergleich Vorteile
Größe und Gewicht GPS-Tracker Vergleich


It is very small and light, easy to attach anywhere. In my opinion, this is quite good and useful with the increasingly compact design of motorcycles.

Größe und Gewicht GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Service GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Service/contact option

Support can be contacted by e-mail, telephone or live chat. Here you will be helped quickly and professionally.

Service GPS-Tracker Vergleich
SIM Karte GPS Tracker Vergleich

SIM card

The SIM card is included in the device, which also works abroad. A license is required for use.
– 1 month: 4,99 €
– 3 months 13,99 €
– 12 months 49,99 €

SIM Karte GPS Tracker Vergleich
Erfahrungsberichte GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Testimonials from other customers

Customers are enthusiastic about the Vehicle Finder 2.0 and, as is so often the case, PAJ’s first-class service is emphasized and the extremely good quality of the finder is highlighted.

Erfahrungsberichte GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Conclusion: Vehicle Finder 2.0 from PAJ

At around 100 euros, the Vehicle Finder 2.0 from PAJ is in the average price range. It can be connected quickly and easily thanks to the direct connection to the battery and good instructions. What is particularly great about this GPS transmitter is that its compact design means it can also be easily attached in narrow places.

Thanks to its small dimensions and external power supply, it stood out positively in the test due to its solid yet robust construction. The functions are ok, but for “high” demands they are more in the basic segment.

Works perfectly

We have a lot of experience with mass-produced electronic goods made in the Far East.
This device really surprised me in a very positive way. Powered with 12V on a trial basis and logged into the online portal, the first location reports were received. The finder can be easily concealed in the vehicle and is supplied with power from the vehicle electrical system, but also has a built-in battery for a few hours of power reserve.
In short, a reliable appliance that I would buy again at any time.

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The purchase was worthwhile, it is completely problem-free and works perfectly. Hopefully I will never need the emergency. Device fits comfortably under the seat.

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Super GPS tracker at fair conditions

We have already tried our hand at many GPS systems and now have several PAJGPS units in our fleet. We are completely satisfied and delighted with the ease of use. Can only recommend the products.

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