GPS tracker free of charge – Is this even possible?

GPS systems track everyone in everyday life; they can be found in classic car navigation systems as well as on cell phones. This technology can be used not only in smartphones, but also as a mini GPS tracker, which is a compact device that can be attached in the car or to valuables. Such good GPS trackers can be used in a variety of ways and offer the user several areas of application, for example to locate their own position or to track distances traveled, and the speed can also be calculated using the data obtained.

GPS tracker free of charge – How is that possible?

To use the functions of a GPS tracker free of charge, various apps can be used on the smartphone. Most of them are available as free downloads and are easy to install. Within these apps, the user can then adjust various settings and view the stored data. Modern cell phones have an integrated GPS chip that receives satellite signals and works with the Global Positioning System, just like a real GPS tracker. These are used to reliably determine and calculate positions in real time as well as distances traveled and speeds. The cell phone calculates this based on the signal and the distance to the satellite.

Why do GPS trackers have monthly fees?

If you prefer a GPS tracker or mini GPS tracker instead of a simple smartphone app, you can expect to pay a monthly fee.

First of all, the purchase is considerably more expensive than an app. You also need a SIM card so that the GPS data collected can be sent to the connected device. It is important that the card has sufficient credit, as this incurs additional costs depending on the tariff. If you use your cell phone for GPS positioning , you do not need an additional map, as this is already included in the device. Depending on the GPS transmitter, the map may already be included in the scope of delivery, so check this when purchasing GPS devices.

The GPS tracker app can incur additional costs per month; this offers the user the advantage that all data collected and each location are stored on the provider’s server. There is a monthly subscription fee for this customer service , the costs vary depending on the provider and amount to around 3 to 5 euros per month.

This addition is useful to take advantage of all the benefits of the tracker, so you always have access to all the data that has been determined by GPS and can call it up at any time.

Free app as an alternative to the GPS tracker

If you want to avoid running costs, you can download a free application for your cell phone from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, depending on your phone model. Once installed, the app can then be used like a GPS tracker to track all routes, including navigation. Depending on the app, it is possible that certain functions are also subject to a charge, which must then be booked and paid for additionally.

GPS tracker app for Android and iOS

Free apps are particularly good for gaining an impression of how to use a tracker , so that the user can try it out and see what benefits they get from the application. Some applications have an integrated pedometer; every movement and every gait is reliably recorded. For example, if you just want to know how much you walk every day or how far you walk, an app is absolutely sufficient.

Pros and cons: free GPS tracker app

Most apps are initially free of charge, and some functions are not associated with costs, depending on the manufacturer. However, if you need reliable data and want to create alarms to increase security, you are better off with a GPS tracker. A mini GPS tracker can therefore be used to protect cars against theft, and high-value items can also be secured. The reason for this is the various alarm functions that warn the user if the GPS tracker is moved or if the car moves out of a marked area.

Anyone planning to monitor vehicles via live tracking can rarely leave their cell phone in the car, motorcycle or on the e-bike; an old cell phone can be used here, which is not absolutely necessary. However, cell phones are only waterproof up to a certain point and are not quite as robust as GPS devices. Furthermore, smartphones cannot be used for GPS tracking in every situation and can only be used to a limited extent.

Mini GPS tracker instead of free GPS tracker app

The market offers a variety of GPS trackers, the basic difference here is the power supply, some models have a rechargeable, internal battery, here the actual battery life depends on the application, depending on use, the battery does not last as long. Other trackers are permanently connected to a source, such as the car battery, to ensure that the GPS tracker receives a constant power supply.

The device can be easily configured using the provider’s GPS tracker app, which the user must install on their smartphone or tablet. This means that tracking is completely virtual and the user can follow all processes in real time via the tracker with a GPS module.

Within the app, the user can easily set alarm functions and define the parameters for these . These functions can increase safety in particular when the tracker is placed inside the car or on the bike. As soon as an alarm is triggered, the user receives a message in the app, by text message or by e-mail.

With the help of a GPS tracker app, anyone can take a closer look at GPS tracking and check whether it is suitable for them. A proper tracker then enables further functions, in particular the use as a Anti-theft device and location display for vehicles can be a great help, various limits and zones can be defined within the associated app, if a monitored vehicle leaves or exceeds these, this already triggers an alarm and the owner is notified. Even the movement of the tracker, or its removal, can cause a notification, which can be an indication of unauthorized actions or possible theft. These individual alarms can be set within the app, for example a speed alarm, motion alarm and a vibration alarm. In case of doubt, the app can then be used to locate the vehicle in real time. In an emergency situation, the integrated SOS button can be used to inform a specified contact and call for help, while the GPS transmitter tells the person where you are.

The use of a tracker enables the integration of several GPS receivers within the smartphone app, meaning that not only several vehicles, but also family members and pets can be integrated and networked. This gives the user a direct overview of where things are located and informs them when an alarm is triggered.

Depending on your needs, a tracking app for your smartphone is absolutely sufficient for some people, but those who prefer flexible settings and tracking via a tracker can use special GPS trackers, such as GPS trackers for vehicles or people.

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