GPS tracker for dogs without monthly costs

Anyone who has dealt with the subject of GPS trackers for dogs will know that monthly costs are usually incurred. These arise through the use of an Internet portal or a contractually bound SIM card. If you equip your four-legged friend with GPS, you generally have two options. Tracking via SMS and the online version. You can find a comparison of these two variants in our blog: SMS tracking vs. online tracking.

The most popular provider of dog trackers is certainly Tractive(see offer). However, the Tractive GPS device costs between €3.75 and €5.00 per month. If this is too much for you, the only alternative for the time being is SMS tracking. Here, the customer pays per location query and thus has full control over the costs incurred. This is not possible with Tractive. A subscription for online tracking is automatically included with the purchase.

Which GPS tracker with no monthly costs is the best?

In our comparison of GPS trackers for dogs, you can read everything you need to know about this topic. If you prefer to have all the data at a glance and make your own judgments, you should take a look at our comparison table. PAJ appliances stand out in particular. These score particularly well with their high quality.

What is important in a tracking device for dogs

GPS for dogs is nothing new. Thanks to advanced technology, there are all kinds of ways to locate your dog. Nevertheless, the GPS device for your pet is far from perfect. You should therefore pay particular attention to the size and weight of the dog tracking device. Too much weight on the collar can not only be annoying, but also dangerous for your pet.

Other decisive factors are high precision, protection against splash water and various alarm functions. If your dog gets lost, approximate location information is rarely enough to enable it to be found again. A tracker that suffers damage from even a single contact with water is also rather impractical. And last but not least, the GPS transmitter should be able to send signals if your pet escapes or is stolen. Then functions such as the geofence or radius alarm make perfect sense.

Dog GPS – GPS dog, how does that fit together?

The different options for equipping your dog with a GPS device are as follows:

  • The GPS collar. The tracker is already integrated in the collar and is simply strapped to the four-legged friend. This is probably the most common and practical method. It is used by our test winner Tractive, among others.
  • GPS tracker on the collar. Vendors such as Pettec or PAJ offer different methods of attaching the tracker itself or a small casket to the usual collar. Certainly not quite as practical as the GPS collar, but with other advantages. The GPS tracker can also be quickly removed and used for other purposes. Finally, small GPS transmitters can also be used as GPS trackers for people or GPS trackers for bicycles.
  • GPS tracker vest. We do not have a direct example in our comparison, but there are providers who sell a special vest equipped with a GPS device.
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