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Which is the best GPS tracker for children | 2022

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What is a GPS tracker for children?

A GPS tracker is designed to transmit a child’s location to the nearest meter.
To do this, the device must be attached to the child; this is often possible with a cloth bag or key fob. But you can also put the GPS transmitter in your backpack or trouser pocket.
This type of GPS tracker works with an internal battery. We recommend a battery life of at least 2 to 3 days.

What are the advantages of a GPS tracker for children?

Tracking your own child may sound a lot like surveillance and control at first. In fact, a GPS tracker for children should only do one thing: convey safety.
Parents who are worried can quickly and easily check whether their child is in the right place using the fast GPS tracking function (also known as live tracking). The SOS button, which we highly recommend, allows the child to quickly contact us in situations in which they are not feeling well. All contacts that have been selected in advance are then alerted.

What should you pay particular attention to when buying a GPS tracker for children?

Easy Finder 4G from PAJ GPS

PAJ GPS Easy Finder – Human Tracking Device, GPS Tracker for Kids, Elderly, Seniors, Dementia, Alzheimer, up to 14 Days Battery Life, Real Time GPS Tracker, SOS Emergency Button & Shutdown Alarm

✔️ FUNCTIONALITIES: Real-time tracking, detailed route history for the last 365 days, and instant alerts for motion/collision, departure from security/safety zone, speed, low battery, SOS alert, and device on/off. Maintain total control with these functionalities!
✔️ MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Easy Finder is the size of a keychain, making it a perfect GPS tracker for children, elderly, luggage, and other objects. It features an emergency SOS button and a system to prevent easily turning on or off the device.
✔️ CONVENIENT, SMALL, AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Our device is mini-sized (similar to a keychain), making it a comfortable, easy-to-carry, and discreet tracker. Protect your loved ones or your most valuable belongings. It weighs only 100g and includes a case for convenient transport.
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