GPS tracker for cars test 2024 – find out now

GPS tracking systems for cars are used to determine and transmit the exact meter location of the vehicle. To do this, the GPS device must be placed on the desired object, in our case in a car. After a short installation and configuration, precise localization is possible. There are special models of GPS trackers for cars that are specially designed for permanent installation in your car’s electrical circuit. This avoids the problem of limited battery life and enables other special features such as an ignition alarm.

Permanent connection to the vehicle battery

Devices with a fixed connection are dependent on an external power source (e.g. car battery), but do not need to be charged.

Live localization

Live tracking enables GPS trackers to be located in real time. This means that you receive information about the current location at defined intervals.

Comparison table

Product Comparison

ProductVehicle Finder 1.0 4GSalind GPS 4G
NameVehicle Finder 1.0 4GSalind GPS 4G
Live TrackingYesYes
Size134.6mm x 67.5mm x 14.8mm82mm x 38mm x 16mm
Power Supply8-32 Volt9-75 Volt
Internal Battery170mAh140 mAh
CountriesOver 100 countriesOver 100 countries
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Why do I need a GPS tracker for my car?

The number of permanently stolen cars in Germany is just under 20,000. What is particularly annoying here is that the damage covered by insurance often does not match the individual value for the victim. Especially as insurance companies often only cover the current value of your vehicle.

However, with a GPS tracker for cars, you can act immediately if someone is tampering with your vehicle. There is a whole range of alarm functions for this.

  • Vibration alarm
  • Geo fence alarm
  • Ignition alarm
  • Power interruption alarm

Top 2 GPS trackers for cars

PAJ GPS Vehicle Finder 4G 1.0 – Direct Connection to The Vehicle Battery (9-75V), Real Time GPS Tracking for Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks & More, GPS Tracker for Vehicles or for Fleet Management

✔️ EVERLASTING BATTERY – With the VEHICLE Finder 1.0 4G from PAJ GPS, you'll never have to worry about your GPS tracker running out of battery. The device connects directly to your vehicle's battery (9-75V), providing a permanent power supply. Ensure your vehicle's safety and security with the everlasting battery of the PAJ GPS VEHICLE Finder 4G 1.0
✔️ EASY INSTALLATION AND VERSATILITY – Test our systems trough our free demo version on This versatile tracking device is perfect for any type of vehicle, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, quads, e-scooters and construction machines. Simply install the car GPS tracker in the engine compartment for seamless and secure real-time tracking.
✔️ ALARMS AND NOTIFICATIONS – In our PAJ FINDER Portal you'll be able to set different alarms. With real-time tracking and instant alerts, you'll always know where your vehicle is and receive notifications if it leaves the defined area or if there's any suspicious activity. Our GPS tracker also provides detailed route information, so you can see exactly where your vehicle has been and how it's getting from A to B. Don't settle for anything less than the best – upgrade to our car tracker today.
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Salind GPS Direct Connection to Vehicle Battery (9-75V) - Tracker for Vehicles, 4G LTE Car GPS Tracker with Real-time Alerts, Multiple Alarms and Notifications in The App, Tracker Device for Vehicles

✔️COMPLETE SET - Experience the ultimate in convenience and ease with our complete set live GPS tracker. Say goodbye to the hassle of purchasing and installing a separate SIM card – our tracker already comes equipped with one. Simply register online after your purchase and you'll be up and running in no time. Our GPS tracker is optimally designed for vehicle location, making it the perfect solution for anyone looking to keep track of their car, truck, or other vehicle with minimal effort.
✔️ PERMANENT POWER SUPPLY - Never worry about manual charging or power supply issues with our anti-theft car tracking device. This GPS tracker is designed for permanent power, connecting directly to the 9-75V car battery for reliable, long-term performance. The included connection cable makes it easy to install in a variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks, and more.
✔️ALARMS AND NOTIFICATIONS - In our FINDER Portal you will be able to set different alarms. With real-time tracking and instant alerts, you'll always know where your vehicle is and receive notifications if it goes off-route or if there is any suspicious activity. Stay on top of your vehicle's location at all times and never lose sight of it again. With our GPS tracker you also can see exactly where your vehicle has been and how it's getting from point A to point B – upgrade to SALIND today.
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The GPS tracker in the test

Vehicle Finder 1.0 4G

The Vehicle Finder 1.0 4G from PAJ GPS is a fixed connection device to the vehicle battery. The device offers many functions for a reasonable price. We particularly liked the automatic logbook. This can be activated and automatically tracks all stops and journeys without much effort. We also liked the availability of information: if you have any questions about installation, you can look for help online, on YouTube or from the support team. We give it a very clear recommendation to buy!
Vehicle Finder 1.0 4G


Vehicle Finder 1.0 4G

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We liked the GPS tracker system for vehicle tracking from PAJ GPS with the Vehicle Finder 1.0 4G the best of all the devices in our test. Price-performance ratio is best here. You get a lot for the functions. The device is suitable for anyone who has the confidence to make a permanent connection to the vehicle battery. It is not complicated and is easy to follow with the operating instructions supplied and the help available on the Internet. If you need information about the Vehicle Finder 1.0 4G, please visit the linked pages.

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Salind GPS 4G

The Salind GPS 4G is a fixed connection device to the vehicle battery from Salind. This appliance offers many functions and is really easy to use. The small size of the device is very striking; this GPS tracker for cars is the smallest in our test. This makes it easy to conceal the device. Here, too, we can only speak of a really well-designed device. If you don't want to spend quite so much and can do without one or two functions, the Salind GPS 4G is the perfect choice. Here, too, we have a clear recommendation to buy!
Salind GPS 4G


Salind Logo GPS

Salind GPS 4G

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The car tracking system from Salind with the Salind GPS 4G scored 5 stars in our test. This system does not offer all the functions of the PAJ GPS, but its size and price are particularly impressive. Here it is far superior to all other appliances. The PAJ and Salind devices are very similar in terms of handling and installation. Both companies use the same Finder portal, which makes it possible to use devices from PAJ GPS and Salind together in one access.

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The GPS tracker from Autoskope for locating cars is also a fixed connection device to the vehicle battery. At first we were a little skeptical, as the Amazon store is not professionally structured and unfortunately you have to laboriously search for a lot of information.


Let’s come to the conclusion of the Autoskope GPS tracker for cars. We awarded this appliance 3 out of 5 stars in our test. This is simply due to the price of the device. The functions are there and work perfectly, but the problem that arises for us is that the device cannot do much more than the other two devices in the test. In terms of quality, Autoskope is the front runner here, but can it justify a price three times that of the Vehicle Finder 1.0 4G from PAJ GPS? It’s up to you to make up your own mind. We can recommend the device, and if you have the money, it may be worth buying.

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