GPS tracker boat – unnecessary bells and whistles ?

If your boat is left unattended in the harbor for a longer period of time, it is practical to be able to carry out a localization from time to time to check whether everything is still in order with the yacht. With the help of a compact GPS tracker for boats, you can monitor your own boat around the clock and receive reliable automatic notifications if something is wrong.

How GPS trackers for boats work

Positions can be determined using GPS, making it possible to locate boats live anywhere in the world. These devices work with satellite signals that are transmitted at regular intervals. The GPS transmitter receives these and can therefore determine its own position. The SIM card included inside the device ensures that the data is sent to a connected end device. This can be a tablet or smartphone, some providers also offer a tracking portal that can be viewed on a PC. Most models are already supplied with a SIM, for example the models from Salind or PAJ; if the card is not available, it can be purchased and used additionally.

The connected smartphone then receives regular information, which the user can view in the associated app. The entire control and configuration of the tracker takes place on the user’s cell phone, the setting of various alarms, as well as real-time positioning with high accuracy. The app is available for iOS and Android, and there are no monthly costs for those who only download the app. However, the service costs a few euros a month for intensive use.

GPS tracker for boats

GPS tracking devices differ fundamentally in their power supply, some models from PAJ and Salind can be used flexibly, these must be recharged at the end of the battery life . Other GPS trackers are permanently connected to power from the boat’s engine, so a fixed installation always ensures that the device has sufficient power to carry out tracking. Regardless of whether you opt for a model with an integrated rechargeable battery or a battery connection, the trackers are identical in use and offer the user many advantages.

GPS trackers for boats offer theft protection

The most important aspect is the increased theft protection; the owner can reliably locate his sailing boat at any time using GPS. Not only is GPS tracking possible within the app, any alarms also reliably support the user. When buying a boat, the benefits of a GPS tracker are often mentioned, and in new models they are already permanently installed and included in the offer. However, it is also no problem to retrofit a GPS system to existing boats; the user can simply place the tracker in the boat and connect it to their cell phone. There are now a wide variety of models and combinations of GPS transmitters, so that everyone can find what they are looking for.

Geofencing for boats

In the app for the trackers, the user can set alarms in the blink of an eye and receive a notification when they are triggered . In the event of an incident, the owner is simply alerted by text message; depending on the provider, charges may apply. A frequently used function is the so-called geo-fence, a virtually delimited zone that the boat is not allowed to cross. If this does happen, the user is reliably informed.

Motion alarm

The movement alarm reliably informs users every time their boat moves, preventing it from setting off into foreign waters and being stolen. The exact position with the corresponding coordinates can then be seen in the app.

GPS tracker boat

SOS button on the boat with a boat GPS tracker

Depending on the model, the boot GPS tracker offers many other functions, but one major advantage is the SOS button, which every tracker offers. Due to carelessness or unfortunate circumstances, an emergency situation can always arise in which help is needed quickly. When the button is pressed, a stored contact receives a message about the incident together with the coordinates.

Act quickly in the event of theft

However, if the boat is stolen, the owner can find it quickly using the GPS tracker. You can also easily locate and manage your boat with the GPS transmitter. Owners of boat rental companies who offer their boats via an online platform also benefit from this function. They make use of the location of boats, as theft is also a major issue there. From stolen parts to stolen outboard motors, thieves will stop at nothing.

GPS for boats – advantages and disadvantages for the user

Using a tracker that is connected inside the boat offers the owner numerous advantages and only a few disadvantages. The tracking device records data that isstored on the provider’s server for up to 365 days and can be retrieved and viewed at any time. With a tracking device, boat owners are almost always safe, no matter which model they choose. When buying, you can choose between different types and must first find out which model is best suited to your own project. The finder itself does not cause monthly costs, the use of the portal and the storage of the data can cost a few euros per month for both PAJ and Salind. In return, the user receives absolute transparency and benefits from high accuracy and a fast flow of information.


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