GPS tracking with the GPS tracker all-rounder – Our comparison table

You are considering buying a GPS finder or have already decided to do so, but don’t yet know which device you want. In this case we have here an overview of the best GPS tracker all-rounders, which provides all the important information at a glance. You can immediately see which tracker is the cheapest and which is the most expensive. Can directly see which device provides which customer service. What are the advantages and disadvantages of one tracker over the other? Just take a look inside. We have tested the top 5 all-rounders in GPS tracking for you. Click here for a detailed report on the individual direction finders:

Test winner: 1st place

Name: Allround Finder
Manufacturer: PAJ
Test score: very good (90 out of 100 points)

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2nd place

Name: Travel 3G
Manufacturer: Trackimo
Test score: good (84 out of 100 points)

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3rd place

Name: TK5000
Manufacturer: Incutex
Test score: good (83 out of 100 points)

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GPS tracker all-rounder

Before you, as a potential buyer of a GPS tracking device, are overwhelmed by the large selection, you should know what really matters. Different areas of application require different priorities. A GPS finder for vehicles of any kind should have a long battery life and be easy to install. Devices for daily use in the pet’s pocket or on the collar should be light and handy. The price-performance ratio also plays a major role. To give you a clearer overview between confusing sales pages and the small print in the product descriptions, we have created this comparison page about GPS trackers.

In particular, we take a look at the all-rounders of GPS tracking. Would you like to use a direction finder for a wide range of applications? Then we can help you make the perfect choice here. But what could such an all-rounder be suitable for? In our experience, the – preferably small and handy – trackers are useful both for protecting people and for monitoring your own suitcase when traveling. But that would only be the beginning of a long list of possible applications. For example, a tracker can also be easily stored in the glove compartment of your car. This way you can secure your car if you are concerned that your parking location is not safe. GPS trackers usually have a variety of different alarm functions in 2018.

So you can really do everything with a true all-rounder: set up virtual fences, equip vehicles or suitcases with movement alarms or track the routes you have traveled. Take a look at our GPS test to find out more about the individual functions of the different devices.

The 3 steps to the first GPS location:

  1. Select and buy a GPS locator: The first step is to choose the right GPS finder. To do this, select on our page
    the appropriate area of application
    and you will then find a detailed comparison of the best devices.
  2. Install the GPS tracker: Once the GPS Finder has been selected and purchased, it must be briefly configured before it can be used for the first time. Depending on the provider, this can range from a few clicks in the Internet browser to complex installation and trial and error. Here too, you will find detailed information on the installation process in our test reports under the handling/user-friendliness category.
  3. Query position: Now the GPS positioning can begin. As a rule, you have two different options for locating your GPS Tracker Allrounder. The first is SMS tracking and the second is online tracking. We present the two variants in more detail below.

How does GPS tracking work?

The three central components of a GPS transmitter are the GPS module, the microprocessor and the GSM/GPRS modem.

It usually only takes a few seconds from the first locating command being executed to the location being obtained. It’s amazing what happens in such a short time. The GPS module in the GPS Finder performs the first step. GPS satellites are contacted and your own location is determined. The microprocessor receives and processes received GPS data. The last step is performed by the built-in GSM/GPRS modem. This sends the finished data on to the receiving device. This can be in the form of an SMS to your cell phone. Other options are a location in the associated app or in the Internet browser used.

For a more detailed description of the various steps and how your GPS tracking device works, read here: How does a GPS tracker work?

What can I use a GPS finder for?

Are you wondering what you can use a GPS all-rounder for? To what extent does the purchase make sense and what can I do with the device? The great thing about our GPS tracker all-rounders is that they really can be helpful in almost all everyday situations. In principle, any object with enough space for a GPS tracker can be tracked or located as often and accurately as required. There is no question that this can be useful.

Where do I actually use the GPS tracking device?

The most popular applications for battery-operated GPS devices are locating people and bags/suitcases/backpacks. However, the devices can just as easily be placed in vehicles of all kinds, allowing cars, vans or motorhomes to be located and tracked. If you are specifically interested in GPS tracking of people or vehicles, we recommend our GPS tracker people comparison or GPS tracker vehicle comparison. The big advantage of our all-rounders is that they are absolutely versatile. This means you can change the area of use of the GPS device as often as you like and, according to our test, have the widest range of functions, as well as a strong battery performance and all this at the best price-performance ratio.

What should you pay particular attention to when buying?

Important when buying a GPS tracker

Many categories play a role in our tests. The special thing about a GPS tracker all-rounder is that it has to combine certain strengths from different areas of application. Of course, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what their GPS tracking device should have, but we have highlighted 2 categories that are particularly important for an all-rounder.

Important categories in our comparison:

  • Functions: If you want to use your tracker in a wide variety of areas, you also need many different functions. In vehicle tracking, for example, an alarm is important when a speed is exceeded. If you want to locate a person via GPS tracker, an SOS button should be available for emergencies.
  • Battery: The battery always plays a role, but especially here, because charging can quickly be forgotten if the device is used a lot and in different places. If, for example, you want to secure the car overnight and take the GPS finder on a trip with your son or daughter the next day, the battery should not go flat in the afternoon.

What functions should a GPS tracker all-rounder have?

  • Radius alarm: The radius alarm can be used to manually define an area. As soon as your device leaves this area, you will be alerted at . This can be a very useful function for theft protection, for managing a company fleet or for personal reasons.
  • Battery alarm: No matter how strong the battery of your all-rounder is, there will come a time when the device is approaching its performance limit. A battery alarm makes perfect sense here and notifies you as soon as the battery level approaches a critical range.
  • Real-time location: The principle of real-time location is normally only compatible with location transfer via mobile data. You receive the current location of the direction finder at predefined intervals.

GPS tracking – What are the costs?

In general, it can be said that the costs incurred depend on usage. In addition, the user of a GPS finder always has two different options. GPS tracking can be done via SMS with payment per query. Alternatively, different subscriptions can be taken out with different providers. Here you pay a monthly fee starting at around 5 euros and then have a lot of freedom and usable functions that you would otherwise be denied. You can read the exact advantages and disadvantages here: GPS tracker – the two variants of tracking.

A summary of our GPS tracking all-rounders

  • 1st place: The Allround Finder from PAJ (to the test report)
    The test winner with 90 out of 100 points is the ALLROUND Finder from PAJ. It shines with excellent battery performance, a wide range of functions, good service and precise positioning. The overall package is right here and leads to an absolutely deserved first place.
  • 2nd place: The Travel 3G GPS tracker from Trackimo (to the test report)
    Trackimo ‘s device also has a wide range of functions and excellent localization. Disadvantage compared to the test winner: an extremely weak battery in comparison. The advantage: The Travel 3G is smaller and lighter. Overall, it received a test score of 84 out of 100 points, giving it a good rating.
  • 3rd place: The TK5000 from Incutex (to the test report)
    With 83/100 points, only just behind second place, this rather expensive device is still quite well served. Service, battery and handling are above average. All in all, a solid GPS tracker all-rounder.
  • 4th place: The LESHP SIMTK6260 (to the test report)
    The old problem of cheaper GPS tracking devices is confirmed here again. The service quickly suffers from a lower price. Hardly accessible and with confusing instructions. Apart from that, the LESHP has a good battery and also performs quite well in other respects. Makes a total of 73/100 points.
  • The GPS tracker from Trackimo (to the test report)
    Looks The second tracker from Trackimo does not perform quite as well in comparison. The reason for this is once again a weak battery and an otherwise only average performance in terms of service, precision and handling. The test score of satisfactory with 71 out of 100 points is therefore consistent.

GPS tracker comparison – our areas of application

GPS tracker for vehicles:

One of the most important applications of GPS is vehicle tracking. From small mopeds, cars, vans and trucks to construction machinery and boats, all kinds of vehicles can be equipped with GPS systems. GPS trackers with a battery connection and virtually unlimited battery life are of interest here. We have tested different GPS trackers for different vehicles.

GPS tracker persons:

Instead of protecting your car from theft, GPS devices can also be used on people. For example, you can keep elderly people with dementia or your children safe. This naturally entails completely different requirements. We introduce you to the most suitable people trackers.

GPS tracker bike:

Cycling enthusiasts should also think about using GPS trackers. Some interesting ideas, such as a GPS signal in the rear light, in the handlebars or in the steerer tube of your bike, provide all kinds of options. The best-known manufacturers are Antitheft, Sherlock and vc|one, which are companies that specialize in bike trackers.

GPS tracker animals:

Another highly interesting area of application is GPS trackers for animals. The Tractive tracking system in particular offers an excellent overall package. However, the appliances from PAJ and TKSTAR can also score points in certain categories.