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GPS tracker all-rounder – comparison/test 2018GPS tracker test 2018

Before you, as a potential buyer of a GPS tracker, get overwhelmed by the large selection of devices, you should know what really matters. Different areas of application require different priorities. A tracker for any type of vehicle should have a long battery life and be easy to install. Devices for daily use in the pet’s pocket or on the collar should be light and handy. The price-performance ratio also plays a major role. To give you a clearer overview between confusing sales pages and the small print in the product descriptions, we have created this comparison page on GPS trackers.

In particular, we take a look at the all-rounders among GPS trackers. Would you like to use a direction finder for a wide range of applications? Then this section will help you make the perfect choice. But what could such an all-rounder be suitable for? In our experience, the – preferably small and handy – trackers are useful both for protecting people and for monitoring your own suitcase when traveling. But that would only be the beginning of a long list of possible applications. For example, a tracker can also be easily stored in the glove compartment of your car. This way you can secure your car if you are concerned that your parking location is not safe. GPS trackers usually have a variety of different alarm functions in 2018. So you can really do everything with a true all-rounder: set up virtual fences, equip vehicles or suitcases with movement alarms or track the routes you have traveled. Take a look at our tests to find out more about the individual functions of the different devices.

Find out all about the all-rounders among GPS trackers here:

GPS tracker test 2018

We answer the following questions about GPS trackers for everyday use and more:

  • Which devices are the best all-rounders on the market?
  • Everything at a glance – our table
  • What to look out for when buying?
  • What should a GPS tracker all-rounder cost?
  • What should a GPS tracker all-rounder have?
  • Further tests and comparisons in special application areas

The best GPS tracker all-rounders

In addition to the top 3 in the GPS tracker all-rounder category listed above, we have also intensively tested other devices. Click here for all detailed test reports:

Comparison test - tracking device 2018

The ALLROUND Finder from PAJ

Our test winner in the GPS tracker all-rounder category with 90 out of 100 points is the ALLROUND Finder. It impresses above all with its powerful battery, precise location and high quality. PAJ also provides excellent service.
The overall package is convincing all along the line and therefore wins 1st place.

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The Trackimo Travel 3G Tracker

In second place was the Travel 3G from Trackimo. Here, too, the focus is on quality. An enormous number of functions, small dimensions and a simple design unfortunately cannot completely hide the fact that the battery performance is weak. The device scored 84 out of a possible 100 points in our test.

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The TK5000 from Incutex

In our opinion, the TK5000 is not really a bad buy either. However, the device is slightly more expensive than the test winner and has a weaker battery and poorer service. In our comparison, the all-rounder from Incutex came in third place with 83 points, just behind the Trackimo device.

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The LESHP GPS tracker SIMTK6260

This GPS tracker all-rounder has landed in the comparison due to its relatively low price (approx. €45). Unfortunately, it is often the case in the GPS device market that low-quality Asian products are sold on cheaply in Germany. In addition to the workmanship, the service and other important criteria also suffer. Overall, the LESHP Tracker scores 73/100 points.

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Trackimo GPS tracker

Like the slightly larger Travel 3G, the small version of Trackimo loses a lot of points, especially when it comes to the battery. Overall, however, the device does not score too badly with 71/100 points and earns a 5th place.

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All-rounders among GPS trackers – what should I look out for?

Important when buying a GPS tracker

In the case of GPS tracking in various areas of application, we have compiled an overview of the best GPS trackers here, which provides all the important information at a glance. But what do you need to pay particular attention to?

Important categories:

The special feature of this category is, of course, that such an all-rounder must combine the various strengths of the individual trackers from the different categories. So no category is particularly unimportant. Nevertheless, we have highlighted particularly important attributes.

Functions: If you want to use your tracker in a wide variety of areas, you also need many different functions. In vehicle tracking, for example, an alarm is important when a speed is exceeded. If you want to locate a person using the tracker, an SOS button should be available for emergencies.

Battery: The battery always plays a role, but especially here, because charging can quickly be forgotten if the device is used a lot and in different places. If, for example, you want to secure the car overnight and take the GPS tracker on a trip with your son or daughter the next day, the battery should not go flat in the afternoon.