GPS theft protection – How to protect your valuables properly

Theft poses problems for private individuals and companies, stolen vehicles are a burden for the owner, the financial loss and the annoyance are great. To prevent vehicles or expensive machinery from being stolen, there are a number of things you can do to protect your property from theft. Manufacturers of trucks, cars and bicycles offer special equipment for this purpose, so that the vehicle can be equipped with adequate theft protection at the time of purchase. Owners can take additional measures to secure properties, vehicles should always be properly locked and parking in remote areas must also be avoided. It is important to use all available options, from manual to electronic anti-theft devices, most vehicles and machines have several options.

Function of GPS theft protection

GPS is a system that is based on satellites. GPS transmitters can receive the corresponding data based on the signals, which enables precise calculation of position, speed and movement without delay. To increase the protection of valuables, the owner can attach a small tracking device at any time and thus keep an overview.

Mini GPS trackers are small and lightweight, making them easy to install. It is important that the small transmitter is attached to the object as concealed as possible. Thieves know the most common hiding places and try to track down the anti-theft device immediately in order to remove it before further data on the position can be sent to the recipient.

If you want to use GPS to find your stolen items quickly in an emergency, you need to get the right product in advance. Not only the hardware, i.e. the GPS system itself, is required, but also the appropriate software. The manufacturer usually provides this in the form of an app or an online portal. All the customer has to do is register and integrate the tracker. As soon as the device is activated, various alarms can be set and customized within the app.

Increase theft protection with GPS tracker

GPS theft protection and security can be effectively increased on almost any vehicle or object . If an alarm is triggered, the owner can react promptly and inform the police. Various types of vehicles can be protected against theft using GPS, for example cars, containers, machines, trucks, bicycles and even boats can be equipped with a suitable device. As soon as the device is moved, the user receives an alarm and can check whether it has been stolen.

If you want to install the best GPS tracker for theft protection in a vehicle, you can choose between a tracker with a rechargeable battery or one that is permanently connected to a power source before buying it on the market. The advantage of a fixed connection to the system is that a constant power supply is guaranteed, which is necessary in order to receive all information promptly. If you prefer the more flexible option, you can opt for a device with a rechargeable battery, which has the advantage that it can be used more spontaneously. In idle mode, the battery lasts the user for a long time, but with intensive use and many notifications, the device needs to be charged more frequently.

Securing vehicles and valuables against theft

GPS theft protection can help anyone who wants to monitor their property. Depending on the object, the small devices can be attached flexibly, meaning that vehicles and valuables can be fitted with a tracker from the inside or outside. For particularly small valuables, such as wallets or smartphones, the user can work with a mini tracker or an RFID chip .

Increase theft protection with GPS

Together with other measures, theft protection for all vehicles can be significantly increased. Ideally, theft should not occur in the first place; it can be prevented in advance. Well-secured items are particularly unattractive to a thief, and the more time he has to spend, the greater the likelihood that he will be caught.

Areas of application GPS anti-theft device

Depending on size and connection type, such devices can be flexibly attached to various objects.

  • Machines and vehicles: The location can be called up at any time using a GPS tracker, and every vehicle can be tracked and traced in real time using live tracking. Various alarms report unauthorized actions and inform the owner. If you choose a device that is connected directly to the vehicle’s power supply, there is no need for additional charging. Machines on construction sites of a building under construction can therefore be easily parked, and an alarm is triggered if they are stolen.
  • Bicycles: Expensive e-bikes in particular are often stolen, so it makes sense to equip them with anti-theft protection. Some models are fitted with a GPS chip at the factory, but it is also possible to retrofit one at a later date.
  • Valuables: High-priced phones and notebooks can be stolen quickly, which always leaves the user facing a great loss, not only the device is gone, but also important data. Small trackers in the form of a pendant can track the position and locate the thief. As soon as the tracker is removed, the owner receives a message and can act accordingly.

Alarm functions provide information in the event of theft

In the associated app, messages can be easily switched on and off, and the user can also adjust the parameters to suit their own requirements.

Most trackers have similar alarm functions, the most common being

Motion alarm: This triggers when the device is moved or removed.

Radius alarm: As soon as a defined radius is exceeded, the user receives a message. He can adjust this value at any time, i.e. increase or decrease it.

Geofencing: Geofences are digital fences that the user can erect at will, meaning that the object is located in a defined area and the user receives a message if it leaves this area.

Shock alarm: As soon as the tracker is removed from the object, the user receives a corresponding message; the removal may already be an indication of attempted theft.

Thanks to real-time GPS positioning, the location can be determined at any time. Vehicle tracking can be used to locate any vehicle, the only important thing is that the required data is constantly transmitted. Other valuables can also be tracked, and the user can integrate several trackers in the user profile within the app, so that everything is available at a glance.

The provider’s server stores all relevant data over a longer period of time, so that route histories and information from a specific period can be called up and viewed in the long-term tracking function.

A combination of a variety of different measures is the best way to reliably protect your property against theft. It is important to ensure that valuables are not left unattended, especially not in a vehicle, as this can be an invitation to theft.

In conjunction with a GPS tracker , all other security options must also be used, such as consistently locking all vehicles or activating the integrated locks, such as the steering wheel or tires.

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