GPS spoofing – what exactly is it?

GPS trackers work with data that is determined using signals from satellites. They provide information about the GPS position of the device and forward this information to an end device such as a smartphone or computer. So-called spoofing not only interferes with the GPS system, but also generates false location data and forwards it.

What is GPS and how does it work

GPS technology was developed by the US military, which meant that any position could be determined and transmitted using GPS satellites. A few years after the launch of this system, it was released for civilian use by the US military and has developed immensely since then. GPS software is used in many devices, initially only for navigation, but it can now be found on every modern cell phone. There it is mainly used for Google Maps or for geotagging images for social networks. In contrast to pure navigation software, a GPS device can also record the user’s movement and speed.

Fake GPS location

For smartphone users, faking a false location is particularly interesting if certain services on the Internet depend on the location. Websites that do not work in your own country are therefore accessible and can be called up. With a fake GPS location, any user can access all global services, they just have to disguise their real location with fake GPS.

Spoofer transmit on the same frequency as the satellites, whose signals are thus superimposed. This makes it possible to falsify the signal of one or more satellites and manipulate the coordinates. The aim is not to interrupt the actual signal, as modern devices indicate to the user that the network is disrupted.

What are the benefits of GPS spoofing?

GPS spoofing use  In the private sector, GPS spoofing can protect privacy and enables access to domains that cannot be reached with the actual location. Criminals and hackers use GPS spoofing apps to gain unauthorized access to other people’s data, allowing companies to deceive and manipulate deliveries and navigation. Online games that access and work with the current location, such as Pokémon Go, are therefore easier to play, the correct position of the players can be adjusted at any time, and the effort required to reach the destination is minimized.

Create a fake GPS location

A GPS spoofing app can be used to simulate a false location on smartphones, but depending on the app and cell phone, a jailbreak may be required. This gives you full control over your smartphone and offers the option of downloading all apps, even if this would otherwise not be possible. However, exploiting this vulnerability will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty for the device. If you want to test GPS spoofing, you should use an app that can be used legally and without any problems.

Location spoofing with the iPhone and Android

Depending on the operating system of the device, it is more or less difficult to fake a false location with GPS spoofing; this is much easier with Android devices than with iPhones. In order to test the whole thing on your own computer, additional software is required to play a false location on the iPhone to others, but the smartphone must be connected to the PC for this.

Is GPS spoofing legal?

Anyone who merely wants to protect themselves with GPS spoofing is not acting illegally. However, it is a criminal offence to use this technology to harm companies, organizations or other persons.

Who uses GPS spoofer?

More and more hackers are making use of GPS spoofing, with skillful spoofing bypassing security protocols, leaving devices and sensitive data freely accessible. Hackers use GPS spoofing to gain access to all information, text messages, emails and calls. You can also send messages and requests on behalf of others.

Disruption of companies with GPS spoofing

Spoofing vs. GPS functionalityModern companies are fully networked and rely on a comprehensive GPS system. Every connected device and vehicle can be tracked and controlled, and criminals take advantage of this by rerouting delivery vans or manipulating the route. Using the data obtained, they gain access to internal information and can use it to damage the company.

Large logistics companies use GPS to protect long-distance transports from theft; the built-in systems send an alarm to the control center if the vehicle leaves the route or is tampered with without authorization. GPS spoofing is used to simulate coordinates that do not correspond to reality.

Manipulation of cab rides

Some cab drivers use GPS spoofing in your device to give the passenger a false location on the display. They therefore benefit from the longer journey and the higher price.

Use in warfare

GPS systems are still used in warfare today, and spoofing can be used to manipulate any signal . This allows the positions of cars, ships and airplanes to be falsified, which misleads the enemy.

How to protect yourself from GPS spoofing

Protective measures against GPS spoofingTo protect yourself from a hacker attack, you should keep your IP address hidden when surfing, especially if users are using public connections that anyone can access. The so-called VPN generates an incorrect IP address, which is constantly updated during use and thus never reveals the correct coordinates . Criminals use GPS spoofing to disguise their true identity, so they are often impossible to find.

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