GPS signal reception disrupted – What could be the problem?

Navigation devices have been in use for several years now, some of which are permanently installed in the car, others are mobile. It is now also possible to use your own smartphone as a navigation device, and there are certain apps that reliably show you the way. A number of requirements must be met for perfect positioning and therefore navigation. For example, the GPS receiver requires a SIM card that forwards the received data. In addition, it can become a problem if the device has not been charged; it only works with a sufficient battery. A clear view of the sky must also be guaranteed; if you want to receive a GPS signal, you should have visual contact with at least three satellites in order to receive the signal.

What is a device with GPS used for?

Devices and software with GPS are used in many areas of life. The abbreviation GPS stands for global positioning system and describes a positioning system. Modern cell phones already have an integrated GPS chip that determines your position at all times. This is particularly relevant for location-based services on smartphones. You can also use your cell phone like a navigation device and let it guide you to your destination. Vehicles usually already have such a system, which the user can control via the on-board computer, so it is permanently installed. Flexible transmitters with GPS are either carried loose or attached to the windshield in the car and plugged into the USB slot. The use and power supply vary depending on the model, but they all deliver high accuracy when determining location using GPS if the conditions are right.

How to recognize that the GPS signal is disturbed

However, even if every point fits, there may be several GPS problems, making navigation in certain areas a challenge or, in some cases, simply no longer possible. These reasons can have various causes, for which the user can check and act on the incident himself.

GPS connection takes too long

Depending on the device and its age, a longer connection time may be normal, but not more than five minutes; if no connection to the location has been established by then, this is a fault. In this case, the set time should always be checked first; it may still be set to summer or winter time and the device may not be able to establish contact. This information can be found in the device settings. Another possibility is that the protective cover is interfering with the GPS antenna; the problem is often solved by removing the cover. To be on the safe side, you can try downloading the route in advance so that you can view the surroundings and plan your route beforehand.

GPS signal reception disrupted

GPS signal is not found

If the error that no signal could be found appears on the display, the time should also be checked. If this is not the problem, it may be due to the location or unobstructed view, GPS reception is only possible if the user has sufficient contact with the satellites to connect. If the user is in a building or near mountains, this can lead to problems. If the device still does not update and does not establish a connection, this may indicate a defect that can only be rectified by repair .

The device was not in operation for a long time

Some users use their device less frequently, so after a certain time it is possible that the navigation device no longer works as reliably, which can have various reasons. You can find many tips and solutions for problems with older devices online. The problem can often be solved with a new update by connecting the GPS device to the computer or WLAN. If you need help with this, you can find answers on the manufacturer’s website, where you can also find out which update is required for the function.

What you can do if the reception on your smartphone is disrupted

If you use your smartphone to get directions in the car, you benefit from easy operation and fast availability. You don’t have to change devices first; after all, you always have your cell phone with you on weekdays and weekends. However, GPS reception may also be disrupted in this case. In this case, you should first check whether there are any app or software updates available. Because this can also be related to the topic and prevent a good signal. Under certain circumstances, a so-called restart of the device can help, whereby all programs active in the background are closed. This complication can occur more frequently as modern cell phones are hardly ever switched off or restarted, after a certain time this can lead to overloading and the antenna can no longer find the required signal. If you wish, you can set the GPS on your cell phone to extra high accuracy during navigation, and the phone should also be placed in a designated holder, which makes it easier to stay in contact and determine your location.

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