GPS faker – faking a false GPS location

Faking your own location is not immediately possible with a smartphone. This is a variant of spoofing, which means that deceptive methods are used on the Internet. Many people use a GPS location faker or their own cell phone for this purpose. You can therefore manipulate your own location either with an app, smartphone settings or a GPS location faker. Cell phones rely on location data for many things, and many apps require their own location on the map for their functions. For example, for navigation or games on the smartphone.

How GPS works and how to use it on your smartphone – for Android and iOS

GPS systems have long been part of modern technology, they make many everyday tasks easier and some tasks are even performed entirely by GPS-based systems. The abbreviation GPS stands for global positioning system. With the help of many satellites in space, a GPS receiver can determine your position and, in combination with a smartphone, reliably record waypoints, routes and speeds. A GPS chip is now found in every modern cell phone, and this combination makes sense because a GPS device always requires a SIM card to send the calculated data. A SIM card is already integrated in a cell phone, so it makes sense to use your own smartphone as a navigation system , for example.

The satellites of the GPS system transmit their individual signals at regular intervals and can be received worldwide. Based on the signals and the duration of the transmission, your own location is determined very precisely. GPS can therefore not only be used for navigation, athletes also use the technology to measure success. They are also commonly used in vehicles to protect and locate the vehicle, and GPS devices are also used to secure valuables. Cell phones are equipped with this function as standard, but it is not always desirable for your location to be visible.

Use GPS Faker

Smartphones use GPS to determine their own location

The cell phone uses the current location for various reasons. This is particularly helpful if you use apps for navigation and follow a route in the app to get to your destination. The phone can also use the GPS location to display location-based advertising or show localities in the vicinity. The determined GPS coordinates can of course also be sent to third parties; to do this, the current location must first be activated. If you don’t want that, you can’t just choose another location. However, you can deactivate the GPS function at any time.

If you want your smartphone to display a different position than the actual one, you can use a fake GPS app for Android and iPhone that displays a fake location as the actual position. You should definitely refrain from jailbreaking your device, because a jailbreak automatically voids the manufacturer’s warranty. Certain apps use location-based services that require GPS positioning, but in some situations users may want to display any location as the actual location of their device.

Fake GPS location with apps on your cell phone

Using an app for simulated locations, you can change your location quickly and easily, more or less easily on Android and iOS. The fake location is then visible to location-based services and is used. If you want to use such an app, you have a large selection in the respective store, but you need to inform yourself in advance, as some functions are associated with costs. However, it is easily possible to falsify its position with the help of apps, without rooting. The app helps to display any location on a map as your own.

Fake GPS on an Android device

It is not possible to change the position itself in the Android settings; an additional app is required for this. Once the appropriate app has been downloaded, tap on Developer options on the Android smartphone and select the app for simulated locations. Here you can select the desired app in the search field at the top right. You must then restart the app and the location on Android can be adjusted as required. A popular fake GPS app is imyfone anyto, for example.

Fake GPS location on iOS devices

If you have an iOS device, it is somewhat more difficult to falsify your location on an iPhone or iPad . There are some apps with which you can supposedly adjust the virtual location for your iPhone, but these only create edited images with the selected position. Even with iOS 16, it is almost impossible to avoid a jailbreak, as this measure gives you access to the administration rights with the help of a security gap. In conjunction with a computer, it is possible to reliably simulate the position, but the cell phone must be constantly connected to the computer.

GPS Faker for locations

Why people falsify their GPS location

There are various reasons why such a fake is desirable. A teleport can have advantages for the user under certain circumstances, for example when playing location-based AR games. AR games are online games in which reality merges with the game; augmented reality games use the smartphone camera for this purpose. A good example of this is gamers who like to play Pokémon Go. This game had a particularly large number of fans a few years ago; everyone was crazy about Pokemon go. It combines a mobile game with nature, so players go outdoors in search of Pokemons, which are then caught digitally with the phone. Here it can be useful tofalsify your location so that you can trick the app and reach your destination more quickly.

Dating apps such as Tinder can also be attractive if you can fake your location. In this case, you have much more choice and can make other contacts. However, it is often possible in dating apps to change the location within the app as desired. However, some providers want to prevent this and use the location of the cell phone, which can then only be changed by the user on the phone or with an app.

As you can teleport to any location using tools, this of course also offers scope for creativity if you want to play a trick on your friends. It is then quite easy to simulate a location and simply simulate the desired location.

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