GPS data should be managed in Germany

Why it makes sense to back up GPS data locally

In one or two of the tests on our site, we mention the topic of data security and, in this context, the servers and computers that manage the data. If they are located in Germany, we often rate them better than if they are in Hong Kong, for example. We would now like to explain in more detail where this attitude comes from and the arguments behind it.

The matter of data protection

“What happens to my data? Who can see where I am?” Of course, these questions are very obvious with a GPS tracker. Anyone who wants to keep an eye on their children with a GPS tracker should pay particular attention to this topic. The Federal Data Protection Act and the right to informational self-determination provide a legal framework in Germany that is not always found abroad. Of course, this does not rule out the possibility that someone will misappropriate your data. However, companies in Germany are subject to strict monitoring. Furthermore, any private individual can request information about the management of their own GPS data and, in the worst case, can easily take legal action. For these reasons, we see the conditions for secure hosting in Germany and often have a trust in the local legal system that we do not feel with some foreign companies.

For the sake of the environment and the customer

Yes, the issue of environmental protection also plays a major role in hosting – given the enormous power requirements of data centers. In this respect, many German companies are on the right track and are constantly striving to optimize their electricity consumption and ideally purchase green electricity. We consider these efforts to be very important and therefore find them worthy of support. Here, too, we would like to emphasize that there are certainly exceptions.

Last but not least, there is the extremely important point of customer support. German companies simply have advantages here too. If something goes wrong or there is simply a need to talk, the communication channels between customers and service providers are simply much shorter and less complicated.

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