From military to leisure

Use of various GPS systems

In the 1970s, a new technology was developed for the military. It was the GPS, the Global Positioning System. The system was used exclusively for military purposes for almost 30 years. Leisure time and GPS were not planned at that time. To this end, artificial signal degradation was used to prevent civilians from using it. It was not until 2000 that these signal degradations were removed and made available to the general public. GPS is now used for many things. Whether for navigating cars, ships or airplanes. But the GPS can also be used for free-time activities.

Leisure and GPS

People spend their free time in very different ways. It is now becoming increasingly popular to go hiking or climbing. This project usually takes you down unknown paths because you always want to experience something new. It is not advisable to get lost, but this can be prevented by using a small GPS device. These handy trackers can send their exact location to your cell phone at any time. So it is not difficult to find your way around the paths again. Depending on the model, these devices can withstand a lot. Most devices can withstand quite a few falls but can also survive a dive. However, the GPS can also be used with a leisure vehicle such as a bicycle.

Art with GPS

You can also cover beautiful routes by bike, which you can then track on a map using a GPS device. For example, there is a man who rides his bike on certain routes, which then form a picture on the map. For example, the distance traveled results in various fish and other animals, but Star Wars motifs are also created by riding a bike. Stephen Lund, the man who created the motifs, said that there is more work behind these pictures than it looks. Sometimes routes have to be ridden twice or the GPS device has to be switched off so that no wrong routes are recorded.

Whether for the military, for navigation or for leisure activities, the GPS can be used for many things. But you can also express your creativity with a GPS device.

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