What is an electronic logbook?

Electronic logbooks, also known as digital logbooks, are becoming increasingly popular. They are a modern and effective way of documenting journeys correctly and easily. They provide an overview of the most important information about your vehicle and can carry out time-consuming tasks themselves. Overall, electronic logbooks offer many advantages over the classic form. It is simpler, faster and more effective. It is a practical solution, especially for companies and the self-employed, to reduce administrative work and increase efficiency.

Why do I need an electronic logbook for my car?

An electronic logbook replaces the classic paper logbook and has many advantages. Some of these advantages are explained in more detail below:

  • Tax advantages: An electronic logbook enables a precise separation of private and business journeys, which leads to accurate accounting and potential tax benefits.
  • Time saving: By automatically recording trip data, an electronic logbook saves time and reduces administrative work.
  • Efficiency: An electronic logbook can optimize the utilization of the vehicle and the driver’s driving style, which leads to more efficient use of the vehicle and possibly to savings.
  • Traceability: The electronic logbook enables complete documentation of journeys, which can be used as evidence in the event of legal disputes or accidents.
  • Environmental protection: By optimizing journeys and avoiding unnecessary journeys, an electronic logbook can help to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, which benefits both the environment and costs.


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ModelPAJ CAR OBD 4G 2.0Spytec GPSSALIND 08 4GLinxup
Customer ServiceDE, EN, FR, ES, IT (Chat, Email, Phone)Email & chat only, no info on other languagesDE, EN, FR, ES, IT (Chat, Email, Phone)Chat, Email, Phone: no info on other languages
PortalOwn web version and appOwn web version and appOwn web version and appOwn web version only, no info about App
Trial Period30 Days30 Days30 Days-
User-FriendlinessPlug and Play, manage multiple vehicles, trip categorizationMagnetic vehicle finder, categorization of trips possiblePlug and Play, self-explanatory, manage multiple vehicles, trip categorizationPlug and Play, manage multiple vehicles, trip categorization
Dimensions52mm x 47mm x 23mm, 45g50 x 76 x 88 mm52mm x 46mm x 22mm, 45g50x46x25mm
AlarmsMotion/Shock, Radius, Speed, Ignition, Voltage, Power InterruptionBoundary Notifications, Speed Alerts & real-time trackingMotion/Shock, Radius, Speed, Power Interruption, VoltageBoundary Notifications, Speed Alerts & real-time tracking
Connection/Power SupplyDirect to OBD2 interfaceMagneticDirect to OBD2 interfaceDirect to OBD2 interface
Live trackingYesYesYesYes
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