Easy Finder 4G from PAJ GPS for children

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GPS Gerät in schwarz, mit einem PAJ Logo in der Mitte
Testsieger GPS Tracker Alleskönner 2018

Test result – 1st place

96 out of 100 points – The Easy Finder 4G made it to 1st place in our test!

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99,99 €

EASY Finder 4G in the test


Preis GPS Tracker Vergleich


The Easy Finder 4G from PAJ GPS costs €99.99, making it the most expensive device in the test. That’s why there is a small point deduction here. It’s worth checking back often, there are often discounts on Amazon and on the website.

Preis GPS Tracker Vergleich
Bestellprozess GPR-Tracker Vergleich

Order process

The order leaves nothing to be desired, ordered via the PAJ website, delivered by DHL. The device arrived within two working days. The ordering process on the website itself is very similar to all the ordering processes you are familiar with from the Internet.

Bestellprozess GPR-Tracker Vergleich
Funktionen/Eigenschaften GPS-Tracker Vergleich


  • Versatile in use
  • Waterproof to IP65
  • SOS button
  • Radius alarm
  • Vibration alarm
  • Bag with shoulder strap
  • 4G LTE-M
Funktionen/Eigenschaften GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Akku GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Battery life

The battery is installed internally and lasts an average of approx. 5-7 days. As with all battery-operated appliances, the running time depends in particular on the intensity of use. The device achieved the longest battery life in our test. According to the manufacturer, the device should last 14 days in standby mode.

Akku GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Handhabung GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Handling/ease of use

Operation and handling are simple and intuitive. Detailed and clear instructions are included and make installation and registration much easier. If necessary, the PAJ instructions can also be downloaded online. The functions and buttons on the device are straightforward and easy to understand once you have had a look at the instructions.

Handhabung GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Präzision GPS-Tracker Vergleich Vorteile


The EASY Finder locates accurately and unerringly, it is one of the most reliable GPS trackers in comparison. The 4G technology makes it possible for the device to locate with an accuracy of up to 3-5 meters. This can often be decisive in the case of children.

Präzision GPS-Tracker Vergleich Vorteile
Größe und Gewicht GPS-Tracker Vergleich


The tracker measures 77.9 mm x 39.9 mm x 26.7 mm and weighs 93 grams. This means that it is not particularly large and the weight should not really bother anyone. However, it is not the smallest, so one point is deducted.

Größe und Gewicht GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Service GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Service/contact option

Top service: fast, competent help with all kinds of questions. Both the written and telephone support is excellent. The staff here are very friendly and happy to help you with your purchase. It can be worthwhile calling before making a purchase, as you often get a small discount in the form of a voucher.

Service GPS-Tracker Vergleich
SIM Karte GPS Tracker Vergleich

SIM card

The SIM card is included in the device and must also be used. As with all devices, there is a small subscription fee. The subscription can be canceled at any time and can be used flexibly.

Service GPS-Tracker Vergleich
Erfahrungsberichte GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Testimonials from other customers

We can only find positive reviews on the Internet, which we can endorse.

Erfahrungsberichte GPS-Tracker Vergleich

Conclusion: EASY Finder 4G from PAJ

At 99.99 euros, the EASY Finder 4G from PAJ for children is not the cheapest product in its category, but in our opinion it is the best.

Purchase and first impressions

We are absolutely convinced by the scope of delivery and the entire packaging of the device. Everything looks and feels very fashionable and high-quality. Especially the device and the bag supplied with it.

When you first look at the device, you notice that it has very pleasant dimensions. Of course, the customer is particularly happy about this in this category.

Product features

The finder’s SOS button is particularly good. This works smoothly and fits in well with the range of features (including the geo-fence). Overall, the user quickly realizes that this is a well thought-out product that can be trusted.
We can only mention once again that this is a German company with German support.


After half a year of testing. It works 🙂

Kru and crisp. When unpacking for the first time, everything was self-explanatory. Power in – charge – and then register in the app. Then the first live test. Walk with self-location. The route was not recorded. Crap. Called support (German, fast, friendly and competent) and they assigned me a “new cell”. From then on, everything went 1a..

To the rating

Great product, very good service

I received it 3 days ago, so of course I can’t give a detailed long-term review yet, but the first impression is really very good. In addition to very good/competent and patient advice from PAJ support, the product was quick and easy to set up and initial tests (route logging/live tracking) went smoothly.

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Top device

Top device, does what it should. Super support, after initial difficulties with the device identification, the problem was dealt with and solved immediately and without delay.
Very high-quality overall impression, robust design and easy installation. Thumbs up.

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