Dog runs away – Reasons why dogs sometimes run away and solutions

Dog owners are responsible for their pets and do everything they can to ensure that they are always happy and healthy. Dogs are trained for walks and the bond strengthens so that they respond to calls. An unfamiliar environment or distractions mean that dogs may not respond to a recall and their instincts may distract them from what they have learned.

Dogs particularly like to go exploring, which can upset their habits and cause them to get lost. The urge to explore their surroundings is particularly strong in young animals . Distractions and various stimuli are two of the reasons why a dog can escape.

Why dogs run away

There are various reasons why a dog may escape, depending on the situation, behavior and nature of the animal.

Pronounced hunting instinct in dogs

The innate hunting instinct is present in every dog, it can be strong or barely pronounced, and there is always a risk when it picks up the scent of another animal. If it follows its instincts uncontrollably or reacts to scents, it can wander far away and cannot find its way back on its own. Their keen sense of smell can lead dogs onto unfamiliar tracks, far off the beaten track.

Heat of the dog

Regardless of whether it’s a female or male dog, when the hormones go crazy, the dog quickly becomes confused, forgets all trained commands and follows his instincts. It can happen that the pet is distracted during a walk and the dog runs away.

Fear of loud noises

Dogs can quickly become frightened by loud noises, people or other animals and, in the worst case, run away. The animal’s keen hearing is much more sensitive than that of humans, and fright is one of the most common reasons why dogs run away. In the worst case scenario, the animal reacts so sensitively to a loud bang that it quickly runs away and loses its bearings .

Unfamiliar surroundings

Animals are familiar with their own home and know familiar walking routes; a change of environment is often a way for humans and animals to make the routine a little more exciting.

But some dogs find it difficult to familiarize themselves with a new area , while others give in to their curiosity and go on a discovery tour. Moving house is particularly stressful for dogs and upsets them, so you should familiarize them slowly with the new area on your doorstep and strengthen the bond between pet and owner.

Boredom, the dog is not busy

Dogs need to be physically and mentally challenged, which of course also depends on breed and age. If the animal gets bored , it looks for something else to do and quickly gives in to its curiosity. Puppies in particular are still very curious, want to explore their surroundings and are quickly overwhelmed by a new situation. Here it is important to always set boundaries and train the dog to obey every command.

What the dog owner can do

Dog owners can do a lot in advance to prevent dogs from escaping ; there are many tips and tricks that can be used to protect the dog. If your own garden at home is used as an area for your dog, you can enclose the area with a wooden fence to increase protection against escape.

In addition, it is important to keep the dog happy by spending more time with him and providing toys . Regular training can also challenge, encourage and prepare the dog for a specific situation . If you don’t always have enough time, you can also hire a dog sitter to take your four-legged friend for regular walks and keep him busy. People with little experience can fall back on special schools for dogs or coaches who teach the right way to handle your four-legged friend .

The owner can take appropriate countermeasures to give his dog the best protection. However, despite ideal exercise, difficulties can arise during a walk; a careless moment can cause the dog to be distracted and the four-legged friend can run away.

GPS tracker for dogs

A safe measure to protect the dog is a GPS tracking device, which is attached to the animal’s collar and can always be tracked. If the dog no longer responds to calls , the dog owner can use this tracker to find the current location of the four-legged friend. Such products offer dogs and owners the best possible protection and provide support in the event of a search.

How GPS trackers for dogs work

GPS trackers are small receivers that can be located anywhere in the world, thanks to a global network of satellites. The tracker on the dog serves as a receiver for the transmitted signals, and the networked GPS tracker can be located at any time using a digital device such as a smartphone or tablet. An integrated SIM card is required for the connection; this is already included in most GPS trackers and automatically searches for the best available mobile network to send the queried location, similar to a telephone. Various models for four-legged friends are available on the market, all of which offer different functions and applications for the owner and their dog and provide support during a search.

Installing the GPS transmitter for dogs is easy and requires no technical background knowledge. Once the device has been attached to the dog’s collar, the appropriate app must be installed on the end device. The user can now register with an e-mail address and connect the device to their smartphone .

GPS tracker for your dog from Tractive

Tractive offers a handy GPS tracker for dogs that tracks the location and activity of your four-legged friend worldwide. It is completely waterproof and therefore suitable for any dog adventure. The handy and lightweight design ensures optimum wearing comfort and does not disturb the dog in its everyday life. The GPS tracker is always powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 7 days. If a top-up is required, the user receives a message and can act accordingly. This model offers the owner various functions for monitoring the dog and analyzing behaviour and habits.

Geofencing – the virtual fence for your dog

With the geofencing function, a fence can be created in the corresponding app or in the web portal, for example around your own property. This virtual leash ensures that the dog stays in a safe area . If the pelt-nose leaves this or approaches a dangerous area, the owner receives a corresponding message on his cell phone and can act in these situations .

Live tracking for the dog

Thanks to live tracking, not only can the current location of the animals be called up, the tracker locates the dog at regular intervals and provides constant updates in live mode.

Position history

All of the dog’s routes and walks are recorded and can be called up at a later date, so you can always see your pet’s favorite places. The dog runs away and the owner can see where it is by following the course.

Activity tracking

The GPS tracker also provides reliable data on the pet’s activity , calories burned, meters walked and sleeping patterns can be tracked. If the dog gets too little exercise, targets can be set and tracked in the app.

Light & signal tone

If the four-legged friend gets lost in a confusing area, for example in the forest, light and signal tones can ensure that it is found quickly.

GPS tracker from PAJ

The PET Finder 4G model from the manufacturer PAJ is also suitable for tracking your own pets, whether dogs or cats. It uses the 4G network and therefore offers better network coverage and secure data. The necessary SIM card is already integrated in the GPS tracker and therefore provides reliable data without activation or setup. The GPS tracker is particularly small and can be easily attached to the dog’s collar . The battery of the tracker lasts up to 4 days, the actual usage time always depends on the use and the duration of the tracking. The device is robust, waterproof and particularly lightweight so that it does not hinder the dog. PAJ offers the owner various functions that support him especially in the event of a search if the dog has run away.

Radius alarm with virtual fence

Certain areas can be fenced off in the app; if the dog crosses this boundary, the user receives a corresponding message by e-mail or on their smartphone and can act quickly. Even if the dog approaches a marked dangerous area, the owner is informed accordingly.

Live localization

Live tracking of the dog is possible worldwide and can also be used as live tracking; in this mode, the device updates the location within a few seconds. If the dog no longer responds to human calls , the current position and the distance traveled can be quickly determined.

Route view

All routes traveled by the dog can be tracked for up to a whole year, and this data is always available in the associated portal.

Battery alarm

If the battery needs to be recharged, the device sends a push notification to the cell phone, ensuring a constant power supply and reliable data transmission.

Advantages and disadvantages of GPS trackers for dogs

Using and setting up such devices always involves effort and costs, so the user should weigh up which model makes sense for their own dog .

Advantages of GPS devices for dogs

If the dog no longer responds to a call or has run away so far during a walk that it is no longer in sight, the dog can be found quickly with a GPS device. The dog runs away and the owner can use the data obtained to find his pet quickly. In addition, many of these articles provide an overview of the animal’s activity and sleep, which can be helpful in getting to the bottom of possible illnesses.

You can also check whether your pet is getting enough exercise and rest. Even if measures have been taken to fence the animal in to prevent it from running away , it will find a way out if it is bored or has a strong hunting instinct , so it can be found quickly with the help of a GPS tracker. The corresponding app is usually included with the manufacturers, the models are particularly robust, waterproof and can be easily attached to the dog’s collar. Despite the particularly good grip, it is possible for the device to get lost, but thanks to GPS it can be found and attached again quickly.

Disadvantages of GPS devices for dogs

To make full use of all the functions, these devices always require an additional subscription for the dog, which incurs monthly costs. The purchase of the tracker also costs money once, with the items mentioned costing around 50 euros.

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