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Fixed connection to the vehicle battery? How much power does a GPS tracker really draw?

Understanding the basics: Why it is important to know how much power my GPS tracker consumes and when it can be harmful to my car battery. I will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a fixed connection and explain what a possible alternative is. First of all, it is important to know what type […]

No gift idea? Why GPS trackers are great

We’ve all been there: Christmas is just around the corner, but the only thing missing is the right gift. The tenth voucher is getting boring and impersonal. At the same time, the gift should not be useless and disappear into the cellar. Our gift tip for Christmas, birthdays or other occasions: try a GPS tracker.

Areas of application of the GPS

GPS tracker: versatile and practical GPS devices have become an integral part of everyday life. They are used in all kinds of situations, whether for leisure, science or logistics. They are used where precise localization is required. For this reason, GPS devices have become standard equipment in ships, airplanes, cars and cell phones.