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GPS radiation – Are GPS trackers harmful to health?

GPS systems are integrated in many devices and smartphones, offering the user security and certainty, and most models can also be used as navigation devices. GPS trackers or GPS transmitters fulfill many functions and offer flexible use for humans and animals, but some fear damage from radiation or sensors. Smartphones in particular, which almost everyone […]

GPS theft protection – How to protect your valuables properly

Theft poses problems for private individuals and companies, stolen vehicles are a burden for the owner, the financial loss and the annoyance are great. To prevent vehicles or expensive machinery from being stolen, there are a number of things you can do to protect your property from theft. Manufacturers of trucks, cars and bicycles offer […]

Locating a cell phone in flight mode – How does it work and is it allowed?

cell phone tracking mobile phonesThere are a number of myths surrounding cell phones, data protection is an important issue and while many people have no problem with the fact that their “cell phone is listening in”, others are concerned. Smartphones house sensitive data and almost our entire digital life, it is important to pay attention […]

GPS tracker truck – Is it really worth buying?

Tracking devices and GPS systems accompany the everyday work of many companies and drivers; these tracking systems offer transparency, safety and a complete overview. With the help of a GPS tracker, the entire fleet can be monitored in every vehicle. The data is processed using appropriate software and can be easily viewed – for modern […]