About GPS-Tracker-Blog.de

GPS trackers give us a sense of security that allows us to move around noticeably more freely and relaxed in everyday life.

We have created this blog to show you the many advantages of a GPS tracker.

This blog should show you:

  • What you need to consider when buying a GPS tracker
  • Which model is right for your application
  • How to get the most out of your GPS tracker

Who are we?

Marie does our web design, while Moritz and I (Aaron) write the texts. We are all studying technical subjects and want to earn some extra money through the affiliate links.

Our experience

Before we held our first GPS tracker in our hands, we had to think long and hard about which model was right for us. It was actually about protecting a motorcycle and unfortunately we chose the wrong models at the beginning…

But some time has passed since then and over the last few years we have tested a variety of GPS trackers and use them in different areas. We would like to pass this knowledge on to you!


Have fun reading!

Your GPS Tracker Team