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The different areas of application for GPS trackers

It is not always easy to find the right device. Select the right application area for your case now.
You will then be shown the GPS devices that match your requirements.

GPS tracker for dogs

Everything to do with size, weight and battery life. We explain what you should pay particular attention to when using devices for dogs.

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GPS tracker for e-bikes

GPS trackers for e-bikes are in great demand, but not every device is really suitable for use on an e-bike. We have selected the top 3 devices for you.

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GPS tracker for cars

Whether the GPS device is intended for theft protection or for tracking a fleet of vehicles, we explain which functions are useful and which you can do without.

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GPS tracker for children

We have summarized all the tips and recommendations so that you don’t get annoyed after the purchase.

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GPS tracker for seniors

An SOS button can be very helpful in many situations. Here we explain what your GPS device should be able to do.

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GPS tracker for motorcycles

From ignition alarms to vibration alarms, everything should be available if you want to purchase a GPS device for motorcycles

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Auto, Fahrzeug für GPS Tracker

PAJ GPS Vehicle Finder 4G 1.0 – Direct Connection to The Vehicle Battery (9-75V), Real Time GPS Tracking for Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks & More, GPS Tracker for Vehicles or for Fleet Management

✔️ EVERLASTING BATTERY – With the VEHICLE Finder 1.0 4G from PAJ GPS, you'll never have to worry about your GPS tracker running out of battery. The device connects directly to your vehicle's battery (9-75V), providing a permanent power supply. Ensure your vehicle's safety and security with the everlasting battery of the PAJ GPS VEHICLE Finder 4G 1.0
✔️ EASY INSTALLATION AND VERSATILITY – Test our systems trough our free demo version on This versatile tracking device is perfect for any type of vehicle, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, quads, e-scooters and construction machines. Simply install the car GPS tracker in the engine compartment for seamless and secure real-time tracking.
✔️ ALARMS AND NOTIFICATIONS – In our PAJ FINDER Portal you'll be able to set different alarms. With real-time tracking and instant alerts, you'll always know where your vehicle is and receive notifications if it leaves the defined area or if there's any suspicious activity. Our GPS tracker also provides detailed route information, so you can see exactly where your vehicle has been and how it's getting from A to B. Don't settle for anything less than the best – upgrade to our car tracker today.
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How does a GPS tracker test work with us?

In our GPS tracker tests, we always try to evaluate objectively and not be biased. Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee this. As the world of GPS devices is a fast-growing field, data can also change and deviate from our information. However, we always endeavor to keep the data up to date.

What should I pay particular attention to?

  • What would you like to use the little helper for? (area of application)
  • How much are you willing to pay? (price; quality)
  • How intensively do you want to use the device? (battery; handling; functions)
  • How big and how heavy can the tracker be? (height; weight)
  • Who sells the GPS tracker? (Service; Customer experience)
Schwarze Pfote - Fußabdruck Tier

Basic functions of GPS devices

Zwei Personen Papa und Sohn an der Hand Farbe schwarz

PAJ GPS Easy Finder – Human Tracking Device, GPS Tracker for Kids, Elderly, Seniors, Dementia, Alzheimer, up to 14 Days Battery Life, Real Time GPS Tracker, SOS Emergency Button & Shutdown Alarm

✔️ FUNCTIONALITIES: Real-time tracking, detailed route history for the last 365 days, and instant alerts for motion/collision, departure from security/safety zone, speed, low battery, SOS alert, and device on/off. Maintain total control with these functionalities!
✔️ MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Easy Finder is the size of a keychain, making it a perfect GPS tracker for children, elderly, luggage, and other objects. It features an emergency SOS button and a system to prevent easily turning on or off the device.
✔️ CONVENIENT, SMALL, AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Our device is mini-sized (similar to a keychain), making it a comfortable, easy-to-carry, and discreet tracker. Protect your loved ones or your most valuable belongings. It weighs only 100g and includes a case for convenient transport.
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How do GPS trackers differ?

SMS variant (Alt):
Contact with the GPS tracker is made on request. You contact the device, usually by text message or phone call, and then receive the location by text message. You have to take care of the SIM card yourself.

Online version (New):
The manufacturers of GPS trackers and tracking devices often offer an app or an internet portal for using the finder. Mobile data is used for this purpose. The advantages of this second variant are gadgets such as route storage, real-time localization and an overview of several GPS devices. However, small running costs must generally be expected here.

How do GPS trackers work?

A GPS signal is required to pinpoint the exact location. To transmit this location, the device also requires the ability to transmit the data to a server. The GSM or GPRS standard is often used here, and we have explained the topic in more detail in our blog.To the blog

The technical function of a GPS tracker

A GPS device usually consists of three central components. These are then supplemented with appropriate software.

The GPS module:As soon as your GPS tracker is prompted to transmit its location, the GPS module starts working. Such a command can be issued via real-time location (regular transmission of position data) or SMS. We would like to take a closer look at the two variants below. This module now establishes a connection to a GPS satellite. The exact position of the device can now be determined using the GPS network.

The microprocessor:Next up is the microprocessor. It receives the GPS data and is then responsible for data processing. Received data from the GPS network is processed and prepared for the GSM or GPRS network.

The GSM modem (GSM module):The GSM or GPRS modem performs the last step. Depending on the transmission type (SMS or online transmission), the modem forwards the processed data to the receiving device. As a user, you can then view the position via a Google Maps link, a mobile app or the Internet browser.

Why online tracking is recommended:

For us, the much more flexible online option wins in comparison. Although costs are ongoing, they are calculable. You pay a small monthly fee, which for most providers is between €5-10 per month. Here are the decisive advantages:

Easier installation:

With the SIM card variant, the SIM card must first be activated personally and the PIN code query deactivated. This is cumbersome and can quickly lead to problems. The online method, on the other hand, often comes with an integrated SIM card. Individual configuration steps are carried out by the provider before the tracker is dispatched.

Convenient administration:

Anyone who buys a GPS tracker wants to use it. Sending complicated SMS commands in the knowledge that each command will incur costs can significantly diminish the GPS tracking experience. Managing commands, alarms and multiple devices simultaneously via app or web browser is also simply more fun.

More functions:

Those who no longer have to worry about the frequency of position transmission have more freedom. Interval-based queries, real-time location and route storage are functions that are not available with the SMS version.

Lower costs overall:

This point must be placed in brackets, as the intensity of use of the SMS variant determines how much you pay. However, the 5 euros per month that you should plan to pay in order to use the online location service are quickly reached.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between battery and fixed connection?

GPS trackers that have an internal battery are independent of an external power source. They can be used flexibly and on the move.

Devices with a fixed connection are dependent on an external power source (e.g. car battery), but do not need to be charged.

Do I need my own SIM card?

A separate SIM card is only required for SMS tracking. However, this is being offered less and less. The new standard is moving towards online tracking. This does not require its own SIM card, which is included in the devices in advance. All you need to do is purchase a small license to be able to use the tracker.

Do GPS trackers work all over the world?

Ordinary GPS trackers all work in a similar way. In addition to a GPS signal, the GPS devices also require an active mobile phone connection. This is not the case on the open sea, for example. Interruptions must also be expected on airplanes. As soon as a public network is available, which is also supported by the providers, the device can transmit if it has a GPS signal.